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Trigger Groups

Swapping out the trigger assembly on your AR-15 is just one of the many ways you can customize, upgrade and optimize your firearm to meet your needs. Whether you're changing the stock trigger for something more refined or starting a build from scratch, having the right trigger can make a world of difference in your AR-15's performance.

AR-15 Triggers

AR-15 Trigger Kits

As you browse Wing Tactical, you'll find a range of trigger and trigger kit options available for your AR-15. Triggers are multifaceted, and there are many options you can choose from to customize your shooting experience, including the shape of the trigger, pull weight and trigger stages.

Types of AR-15 Triggers Offered

AR-15 triggers can be classified based on their use, shape or stages. While there is some crossover between these categories, here are a few common ways to distinguish between different AR-15 trigger types:

  • Match triggers: Also known as competition triggers, these triggers are specifically geared toward match or competition shooting. This is a broad category that can include triggers with various characteristics.
  • Single-stage triggers: A single-stage design begins to engage as soon as you exert rearward pressure on the trigger. This style is the default on many factory firearms, but an aftermarket trigger will typically be far more crisp, minimizing slack and creep to promote better accuracy.
  • Two-stage triggers: Instead of engaging as soon as you pull the trigger, this style offers a two-stage firing sequence. Squeeze a little to begin setting up your shot, then harder to pass the break wall and drop the hammer. 
  • Curved triggers: The standard shape for most stock triggers, curved triggers can offer a slight or generous curve. These triggers are ergonomically comfortable and guide your finger to the same spot each time.
  • Straight triggers: As an alternative to the curved trigger, some triggers feature a straight, flat shape, giving you greater leverage and a lighter perceived pull weight.

Different Trigger Uses

The kind of trigger you choose for your AR-15 will have a significant impact on how it functions. Certain types of triggers are more suited for particular activities — you likely wouldn't use the same rifle for hunting as you would for a fast-moving competition, and the same logic applies to your trigger assembly.

In a competition or hunting situation, you may want a two-stage trigger that allows you to pull back to the break wall and wait until you have your shot lined up to fire. However, other shooters prefer a light, crisp single-stage trigger that releases the sear without any prelude. On a firearm intended for self-defense, you may want a heavier single-stage that requires a more deliberate pull. 

AR-15 Trigger Kits FAQ

How to choose the right type of trigger

The right trigger type for you will depend largely on how you plan to use your AR-15. Consider the primary purpose of your firearm and use that information to determine which trigger type is best suited for the task. Since much of selecting a new AR-15 trigger comes down to personal preference for pull style and weight, be sure to do your research and choose the style that's best for you — it could be a great reason to hit the range and test-drive a few new things. 

Before buying, you should consider your personal preferences, comfort and experience level. You want a trigger that you're comfortable with and can successfully use to hit your target. And once you install a new trigger in your AR-15, get plenty of practice — we wouldn't recommend trying out a new style of trigger for a high-stakes competition or self-defense situation. 

What parts are included in a trigger kit?

Trigger kits vary in the parts they include. Some include only the trigger, while others offer all of the parts needed to change out your entire AR-15 trigger group. These full assembly kits generally include the following parts:

  • Trigger
  • Trigger spring
  • Disconnector and disconnector spring
  • Hammer with J hook spring

When you purchase a trigger assembly kit, you may receive a preassembled unit that only requires a couple of pins to fit in your lower. Many drop-in AR-15 triggers are designed for easy at-home installation, while others will require a trip to the gunsmith. Before you make a decision on which trigger to purchase, be sure to read the specs carefully to ensure you're getting all the parts you need. 

Guarantees When You Buy From Wing Tactical

At Wing Tactical, we're passionate about firearms and accessories, and we use that passion to help you optimize your firearms. We only sell products we would be willing to use on our own guns, and we can provide the expert advice you need to make the best selection for yours.

Your team at Wing Tactical guarantees your satisfaction with each purchase by offering the following:

  • Fast shipping: Most orders ship on the same day they're placed.
  • No-hassle returns: Our 30-day return policy allows you to return most products with no questions asked.
  • LEO/military discount: We offer discounts for military personnel, LEOs and first responders to thank you for your service.

Start browsing our collection of trigger kits today to find the right parts to upgrade your favorite AR-15. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team online.