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AR-15 Gas Blocks

No matter what you're using your AR-15 for, having a reliable gas system is essential to achieving the best possible performance. One of the most significant parts of this system is its gas block, which captures and directs the gases necessary to cycle the action and maintain reliable function.

What Are Gas Blocks?

Often overlooked, the gas block is a small device placed over the hole in the top of the barrel of your AR-15. When you fire a round, hot gas is released and travels through the barrel, where it then escapes through the hole beneath the gas block. The gas block directs this gas through the gas tube and back into the receiver so it can push the bolt carrier group rearward and cycle the action. 

The gas block works as a valve controlling the amount of hot gas that enters the receiver. Most standard AR-15s use fixed gas blocks, meaning no matter what ammunition you use or what you're using it for, the same amount of gas will pass through. However, it is possible to upgrade to an adjustable gas block for more control over the amount of gas that enters your receiver, allowing you to make sure your gun is getting what it needs.

Types of Gas Blocks 

The type of gas block most suited for your AR-15 will depend on what you use it for, how often you change ammunition and what kind of rounds you're shooting. It's important to choose the correct gas block to ensure your AR delivers reliable performance. 

The different types of gas blocks you can choose from include: 

  • Standard: These simple, easy-to-use parts allow the same amount of gas to flow through them with every shot. 
  • Adjustable: This block allows you to increase or decrease the volume of gas ported to your upper receiver. Since different ammo generates different amounts of pressure, the adjustment capability lets you ensure your action receives the right amount to cycle reliably without incurring excess recoil, carbon buildup, or wear and tear.

You can also find low-profile gas blocks available in standard and adjustable designs. These gas blocks do their job while taking up as little space as possible, allowing them to fit under slimline handguards for a sleeker look. 

Brands We Carry 

At Wing Tactical, we carry many top brands to bring you the best AR-15 gas blocks on the market. Browse selections from: 

  • 2A Armament 
  • Aero Precision 
  • Battle Arms Development, Inc. 
  • Bravo Company MFG. Inc. 
  • CMC Triggers
  • CMT Tactical (Cross Machine Tool)
  • Ergo Grip 
  • Faxon Firearms 
  • Fortis MFG 
  • Geissele Automatics 
  • JP Enterprises, Inc. 
  • Kaw Valley Precision 
  • Master of Arms 
  • Odin Works 
  • Phase 5 Tactical 
  • Riflespeed 
  • Seekins Precision 
  • SLR Rifleworks 
  • Spike's Tactical 
  • Strike Industries 
  • Superlative Arms 
  • Troy Industries
  • Velocity Triggers 
  • Vltor Weapon Systems 
  • V Seven Weapon Systems 
  • WMD Guns 

Gas Block FAQs

What size gas block do I need?

Since AR-15 barrels come in different diameters, you will need to size your gas block to your barrel for correct fit and function. The common barrel profiles and their measurements are: 

  • Pencil barrels: A skinnier, lightweight barrel type will use a .625-inch gas block. 
  • Standard barrels: The most common barrel size for an AR-15, a standard profile will need a .750-inch gas block. 
  • Bull barrels: The heaviest, bulkiest option to install on your AR-15 uses the largest gas blocks. Models for bull barrels will measure between .875 inches and .936 inches in interior diameter.

What do I need to install a gas block?

The installation process for your new gas block is pretty straightforward. Before you begin, you'll want to have a 1/8-inch hex wrench and a 5/64-inch roll pin punch. As for the parts you'll need to install the gas block properly, gather the gas tube, gas tube pin, gas block and set screws. 

The steps to install this gas block include: 

  1. Clean your new parts.
  2. Insert the gas tube into the gas block, taking care to align the holes.
  3. Using the punch, push the gas pin through the gas block to secure the tube in place. 
  4. Slide your gas block onto the barrel and ensure it is correctly aligned with the gas port.
  5. Tighten the set screws into the dimples on the underside of the barrel to secure your block in place. If your barrel doesn't have these depressions already, it's wise to visit a competent gunsmith to have them cut. 

Wing Tactical's Customer Guarantees

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