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AR-15 Stocks and Accessories

When you're building your AR-15 from scratch or upgrading your current factory-built firearm, you'll need to make a lot of decisions. Taking full advantage of the AR platform's modular capabilities allows you to pick and choose to create one that is unique to you. 

At Wing Tactical, we have a large selection of premium AR-15 stocks and accessories to help you build the perfect rifle. 

Types of Stocks We Have Available 

AR-15 stocks attach to the lower receiver's buffer tube, which comes in either Mil-Spec or commercial configurations and will determine what you can and can't use. Mil-Spec buffer tubes are slightly smaller in diameter, measuring around 1.150 inches, while commercial tubes measure roughly 1.170 inches. You'll want to ensure your stock and your buffer tube are the same configuration for an optimal fit. 

At Wing Tactical, we offer a variety of Mil-Spec and commercial stock and buffer tube options to help you find what you're looking for to achieve the best possible performance. 

AR-15 Stock Brands We Carry 

Wing Tactical sources AR-15 stocks and aftermarket add-ons from market leaders like the following:

  • American Built Arms Company
  • Armaspec
  • Battle Arms Development, Inc. 
  • Bravo Company MFG. Inc.
  • Daniel Defense 
  • Elftmann Tactical 
  • FAB Defense 
  • Fortis MFG 
  • HM Defense 
  • Hogue Grips 
  • JP Enterprises, Inc. 
  • KAK Industry
  • LUTH-AR 
  • Magpul Industries Corp. 
  • Midwest Industries 
  • Mission First Tactical 
  • MVB Industries 
  • Odin Works 
  • Phase 5 Tactical 
  • Strike Industries 
  • Vltor Weapon Systems
  • WMD Guns 

AR-15 Stocks and Accessories FAQs

What stock is best for me?

One significant factor you should consider when buying parts is how you intend to use the firearm — an AR-15 used for competitions will need very different parts than a gun geared for home protection. Whatever the case may be, you should pick a stock that will work best in those scenarios. 

Comfort is another essential consideration that will lead to enhanced performance and a more enjoyable experience. You'll want to find a stock that fits your body and arm length, allowing you to hold your gun comfortably and achieve a natural sight picture. 

At the end of the day, your preference is what matters most when choosing a stock for your rifle. With the many AR-15 accessories, styles and colors available, you can make sure it looks, feels and functions in the way that fits you best. Many manufacturers make multiple components in the same color so you can assemble an AR build that looks cohesive and turns heads at the range. 

When do I need a stock kit vs. just the stock?

With so many variants to choose from, choosing the right stock for you can take quite a bit of thought. On top of that, you have the option of buying a stock kit or just the stock itself depending on whether you need any additional parts to complete the build. 

Most stock kits come complete with a buffer, buffer tube, stock, endplate and spring to ensure a proper fit between your stock and the buffer tube. If you already have the correct parts to fit the stock you want, you can purchase it on its own and use your existing components to save money. 

Buying From Wing Tactical Offers These Guarantees

The team at Wing Tactical can help you find what you need and get it to you fast. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and work hard to bring you premium products that you can count on in the field. 

When you shop at Wing Tactical, you can expect advantages like: 

  • LEO and military discounts: We value the work that these men and women do, so we want to do our part to provide them with top-quality products at affordable prices to keep them safe in the field
  • 30-day full refund: Your satisfaction is at the core of our mission, so we offer a no-hassle, free return within 30 days if you need it — no questions asked.
  • Fast and secure shipping: Our products are always shipped out the next day so we can get them to you quickly and in outstanding condition. 
  • Quality handpicked products: We don't just sell any products — we stock only quality components that we would use ourselves, giving our personal stamp of approval to our entire inventory. 

Shop at Wing Tactical Today

We love shooting as much as you do, so we're dedicated to bringing you the industry's best AR-15 stocks at competitive prices. Ready to improve your build with new parts or accessories? We have what you need and can answer any questions you have online. Order today and give yourself an edge.