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An AR stock is one of three major component groups essential to your rifle’s functions, in addition to the upper and lower receivers. Like nearly every other part, AR-15 stocks are highly customizable, and builders can choose a design that best meets their needs, matches their ergonomic preferences, and optimizes their shooting performance.

Hunter in woods camouflage wearing a blaze orange hunting safety vest shoulders a customized AR platform rifle

AR Stocks and Stock Accessories from Wing Tactical

An AR-15 buttstock is an essential part of your rifle. It’s critical to proper shouldering, but it also houses the buffer components (like the buffer tube and spring). Wing Tactical is proud to offer a variety of AR-15 stocks: fixed stocks, sniper stocks, folding stocks, and more. Our collection also features numerous AR stock accessories like pistol stabilizing braces and fixed monopods.

Not sure where to start? Our expert customer service team is always available to lend a hand, offer tips, or answer questions.

Midwest Industries Alpha Series side folding fixed beam stock for AR-15

AR Stocks

Wing Tactical offers AR-15 buttstocks in numerous configurations: fixed, adjustable, foldable, and collapsible.

Your choice of stock will likely depend upon your rifle’s intended purpose, your personal preferences, and other factors. Many of our stock products also feature built-in accessories like magazine carriers.

If you’re not sure which AR stock is right for your next build, reach out to our expert team: we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

 Strike Industries AR picatinny stock adapter with a folding stock attachment

Stock Accessories

If you’re looking to customize your stock, incorporate additional modular components, or attach accessories to optimize your shooting experience, Wing Tactical’s collection of AR stock accessories was curated just for you.

We offer everything from replacement butt pads to stock converters and more. Our products will help you take full advantage of the exceptionally modular AR platform.

Wing Tactical: Your Source for Quality AR Stocks and Firearm Parts

Since 2013, Wing Tactical has been building a collection of quality-first firearm components from the nation’s leading manufacturers. We have a singular mission: to offer shooters a one-stop shop for gun parts that they can trust.

As a veteran-founded brand, we understand the importance of choosing quality firearm components, and our catalog is designed to support the needs of top shooters. We guarantee that every part in our collection will perform as promised right out of the box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which stock is right for your AR-15?

Your choice of stock will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your shooting scenario
  • Your ergonomic preferences
  • The accessories you want to incorporate
  • Your aesthetic

To learn more about how to choose the right stock for your AR platform rifle, check out our in-depth guide.

What’s the difference between a fixed and adjustable stock?

A fixed stock remains stationary — you can’t adjust the length. A fixed stock can offer increased stability, but it might not be compatible with other shooters’ statures, preferred lengths of pull, and shouldering styles. If you’re sharing your AR-15 with a spouse or hunting partner, an adjustable stock might be the best choice for your build. With an adjustable stock, you can extend or shorten the length of your stock anytime.

What’s the difference between a folding and a collapsible AR stock?

Adjustable stocks are sometimes called collapsible stocks — the stock can be collapsed or extended to customize length of pull.

Folding stocks, on the other hand, partially or completely fold for compact storage. A folding stock can help expand your case options or store your long-barreled rifle in a smaller safe.

Which stock accessories will improve your shooting experience?

Like your choice of stock, your choice of stock accessories will depend largely on personal preferences and the demands of your shooting applications. If you plan to use your rifle for competitive shooting or home defense, for instance, you might opt for an AR-15 stock with a built-in magazine carrier.

Will all AR-15 stocks fit every AR-15 rifle?

The AR platform is highly customizable — that’s why it’s the rifle of choice for so many gunsmiths and shooters. The most important compatibility factor to consider when choosing an AR-15 buttstock is your buffer tube configuration. In most cases, your buffer assembly must fit inside the stock.