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custom AR-10 parts

Custom AR-10 / LR-308 Parts

Every collector and competitive shooter, as well as most hunters, have a variety of rifles to choose from in their gun safe. Many of them love the versatility and dependability of the AR-15. It’s light and accurate, and it has the benefit of over a half-century of advancements, making it one of the most popular rifles in the country.

The AR-15 has some limitations. The 5.56/.223 round doesn’t have the stopping power or muzzle velocity to go after larger targets at longer distances.

While the M16/M4 — the military version of the AR-15 — has been the weapon of choice for the individual soldier to train and fight with since the latter half of the Vietnam War, special operators have been using weapons with the larger 7.62/.308 round for much of this century.

With the need to engage the enemy from farther away and to have greater penetration and stopping power, the military is looking to provide a rifle with a greater capability to individual infantry soldiers in the coming years.

You may not have the same needs as an infantryman in combat, but you may be thinking about building or customizing a rifle that’s extremely accurate over long distances and that has the stopping power to down the largest of game. An AR-10 or LR-308 may be the perfect addition to your collection.

Custom AR-10 Parts

If you think adding an .308 AR is the next step in your gun collection, you’ve come to the right place. At Wing Tactical, we carry a variety of parts to upgrade your AR-10 or LR-308 and make it the ideal rifle for your needs. It’s important to note that unlike the AR-15 — which is standardized, so most parts are compatible — the AR-10 and LR-308 are not.

You’ll have to ensure that you order the right parts for your rifle. The .308 AR are extremely similar — as are all their various 7.62/.308 alternatives. They all hail from the same roots, but they’re not necessarily compatible. This will be important as you build or customize the next great rifle in your collection.

When you’re shopping for your AR 10 accessories, keep the laws of your state in mind. AR-10 parts and LR-308 parts that are legal in one state may not be legal in another. You should also keep this in mind if you’re moving. We want you to have the best rifle for your needs, but you don’t want to run afoul of the law.

Custom AR-10

History of the AR-10

The AR-10 would have had a history similar to the AR-15, except for one mistake in the testing phase. Both rifles were designed by Eugene Stoner of ArmaLite. A subsidiary of the Fairchild Engine and Aircraft Corporation, ArmaLite pioneered the use of advanced plastics and aluminum in small arms manufacturing, making their ARs extremely light and ideal for the individual infantryman to carry in the field.

In the mid-1950s, the Department of Defense was looking to replace the M1 Garand as the individual weapon for combat soldiers and marines on the ground. Unfortunately, ArmaLite originally submitted the AR-10 with a steel and aluminum composite barrel, over Stoner’s strong protests, and the barrel couldn’t stand up to the durability tests. They quickly replaced it with a steel barrel, but the damage to the AR-10’s reputation had been done.

The M14 became the next choice for individual marksmanship and small arms combat within the Department of Defense. Although it was used for training into the 1970s, the M14 was replaced by the M16 (ArmaLite’s AR-15) in combat units on the ground in Vietnam less than a decade later.

While the M14 still sees some use in the military, primarily for snipers, it’s easy to make the leap to say that the AR-10, with a steel barrel, could have been fielded by the military before the Vietnam War and could have become the most popular rifle for collectors and competitive shooters in the United States instead of the AR-15.

We know that isn’t the course the AR-10 took, but it did have some limited military use after ArmaLite licensed the design for five years to Artillerie Inrichtingen (A.I.), a Dutch weapons manufacturer, in the late 1950s. A. I. sold less than 10,000 AR-10s, mostly to various militaries in Africa and Latin America, and these were in use until the 1980s and 90s.

In 1995, Eagle Arms purchased the ArmaLite brand and became ArmaLite Inc. They also started producing the AR-10B, which was based on an upsized AR-15 platform to chamber a 7.62/.308 round rather than the original AR-10 design.

ArmaLite owns the “AR-10” trademark, but there are a number of other manufacturers that produce rifles similar to the AR-10 that are chambered for a 7.62/.308 round, most notably DPMS’ LR-308. Because these rifles were developed independently, individual custom AR-10 parts and custom LR-308 parts aren’t all interchangeable like most parts are for the AR-15.

Modern Day Uses for the AR-10

A lightweight rifle with the pedigree of Eugene Stoner’s revolutionary design is going to have a variety of uses for civilians, police forces and military operators alike, and custom parts and accessories will only serve to enhance its utility in three main arenas:

  • Hunting. While the AR-10 or DPMS LR-308 round may not be traditional hunting rifles, they offer unmatched versatility paired with incredible accuracy over long distances. With different ammunition weights, you can handle a varmint problem on your property or take down the largest of game from a safe distance.
  • Competition Shooting. The AR-308 and comparable rifles are often chosen for their consistency. A shot-grouping smaller than an inch is well attainable at over 100 yards, and the round has constant drop rates at varying distances. Competitive shooters can depend on these rifles for their consistent accuracy.
  • Military Use. Army and Marine snipers — along with those in special tactics police units — have been using rifles chambered for the 7.62/.308 round for decades. And they’ll continue doing so because they know they can count on that dependable accuracy from a great distance.

Special operators have also been using this platform in the field for quite a few years, and the AR-10/ LR-308 and their peers are certain to be in competition to have a significant role for individual military personnel looking for dependability and accuracy.

Anatomy of AR-10

If you’re familiar with the AR-15 — or the M4/M16, for that matter — you probably won’t have much difficulty with your AR-10 parts or LR-308 parts. Some of the parts are even interchangeable between the AR-15 and various 7.62/.308 platforms. Ensure that all your parts are compatible for your new rifle before you try to assemble it, specifically the following:

  • Upper Receiver. Along with your upper receiver, you’ll want to have a complete bolt carrier group, charging handle and ejection port cover (unless they’re included with your upper). You’ll also want to consider your sighting system or optics. Depending on the upper you choose, you may want to get a rail system, too.
  • Lower Receiver. Be careful if you purchase a lower parts kit. Some AR-15 parts are compatible, but many aren’t. Ensure you have a magazine catch, pistol grip, takedown and pivot pins, trigger assembly, buffer and spring assembly, selector lever, bolt catch and a receiver extension.
  • Barrel. With your barrel of choice, make sure you get the handguard and rail system that meets your needs. You’ll also want to choose a muzzle device, and you’ll need a gas system — some of which are compatible between the AR-15 and 7.62/.308 platforms.

Common Parts to Upgrade an AR10

While the AR-10/LR-308 may not be as easily customizable as the AR-15, you can find a variety of custom AR-10 accessories and custom LR-308 accessories to make your new rifle comfortable for you to fire and the most accurate it can possibly be. At Wing Tactical, we carry the parts you need to customize your AR-10 to suit your specific needs.

AR-10 Muzzle Device

Muzzle devices function in three ways. Flash suppressors make gases at the muzzle dissipate more rapidly to reduce the amount of flash. Muzzle brakes force air to the sides, pushing forward, which reduces the amount of recoil. Compensators force gases upward, pushing the barrel down, which reduces muzzle climb.

Some muzzle devices have properties of multiple types. You may consider the 2A Armament X3 Compensator (7.62/.30 cal), which also comes in titanium. The X3 Compensator will reduce muzzle climb, allowing you to rapidly re-engage your targets, while also functioning as a flash suppressor, minimizing the impact on your night vision when firing after dark.

Another great option is the VG6 Precision GAMMA 762 Muzzle Brake. This brake will help mitigate both muzzle climb and recoil, allowing you to maintain a steady site picture and shot grouping, whether you’re on the range, on the hunt or in a tactical environment.

Lower Receiver Parts Kit

A parts kit is a convenient product to pull your .308 AR build together. We carry the Aero Precision .308 Lower Parts Kit. Its Mil-Spec parts are compatible with the Aero M5 lower and most DPMS .308 AR type lower assemblies.

It includes all the parts to install the pivot and take down pins, the bolt catch assembly, the magazine catch and the selector lever. The hammer and trigger pins are also included, so you won’t need to purchase them separately if your trigger assembly doesn’t include them. You’ll have everything you need to build your lower assembly and upgrade the most important parts.

AR-10 Rail System

We carry the Fortis SWITCH 308 12" Free Float Rail System. It’s simple to install and easily detachable. It includes both Picatinny and KeyMod rail systems, so you have a variety of options when it comes to added AR 308 accessories.

You can add a vertical foregrip like the Fortis Shift M-LOK Vertical Grip, which is shorter than many vertical grips, giving you a lower profile. It will also enhance your control of the rifle and help reduce recoil. It will fit on the KeyMod Slots of the Fortis Free Float Rail System.

If you prefer an angled foregrip, you can choose the Seekins Precision K20 M-LOK Angled Grip. It’ll fit on the KeyMod slots of the Fortis Free Float rail system, and it comes in a variety of colors to allow you to have the look you want. Its ergonomic design will enhance your comfort as you fire, whether you’re on the range or on the hunt.

This versatile rail system will help you personalize your rifle with custom LR-308 parts or AR-10 accessories.


Many buttstocks for AR-15s will be compatible with an AR-10, and we carry a great variety of buttstocks for any AR build. Ensure that the specific stock you choose is compatible with the rifle you’re building or customizing.

You may not have given it much thought, but the buttstock you choose can impact your firing experience in a variety of ways. You may choose a lower profile, or minimalist, stock to lighten your load when you’re on the hunt or in the field. Every ounce can make a difference, especially if you’re carrying your rifle to survive.

You may also want to consider adjustments that can be made to your buttstock. Many buttstocks are collapsible, allowing you to have the ideal length of pull for comfortable positioning on your shoulder. Some stocks also have a platform that you can elevate for your cheek-to-stock weld. If you’re a competitive shooter, you may want to consider this.

Some buttstocks may also have a storage compartment for extra batteries or small tools.

Charging Handles

As an accessory, the charging handle may not seem like it’s all that consequential, but there can be some subtle adaptations to it that can make a difference when you’re customizing your AR build:

  • The Strike Industries AR-10 Charging Handle with Extended Latch gives you a larger surface to grip than a standard charging handle, ensuring you have a solid grip when you lock and load your rifle. It’s also been tested with a variety of AR-10/LR-308 models.
  • While many left-handed shooters have adapted to using a standard charging handle — especially those in the military — an ambidextrous charging handle may be a better option. Radian Raptor AR-10 Ambidextrous Charging Handle offers complete functionality on either side, rather than an adaptation to a standard handle.

Shop Wing Tactical's Selection of Custom AR-10 Parts

Wing Tactical is your AR-10 parts supplier. We carry a variety of accessories for you to customize your AR-10 or LR-308 build with the parts and accessories that will do more than make your rifle unique. They’ll help make you a better shooter. Whether it’s enhancing muzzle stability or enhancing your ability to engage targets from a longer distance, we have the custom parts for you.

If you order before 1 PM Eastern Time, we’ll ship your order the same day, and don’t forget about our hassle-free 30-day return policy. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase and the product has never been used or installed, you can let us know within 30 days from delivery and send it back to us. It’s as painless as we can make it.