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There is a prevailing misconception about the AK platform that it does not support the installation of optics. However, this notion is completely inaccurate. In fact, there are many AK scope mounts available on the market for AK pattern rifles, and they offer a very solid attachment point for scopes and other optics.

How To Mount Optics On Traditional AK-Pattern Rifles?

Traditional AK pattern rifles don't have a solid position to mount a scope on top of the rifle. The dust cover on AK rifles is removable, and anything mounted on it won't retain zero. However, most traditional AK pattern rifles can used side-mounted rails, which offered a very stable optic mounting platform.

What Kind Of Scope Mounts Are Available For AK rifles?

You can find a wide range of scope mounts for AKs on the market. From modern low-profile side mounts to receiver mounts, rear sight block rails, and fixed dust cover mounts, there are a lot of options to try.

Some modern AK rifles also have a fixed dust cover, that is hinged at the rear sight block. This makes sure that the dust cover sits at the same position every time, and allows any scope or optic mounted on it to retain zero. Therefore, you can also find AK rifles that have full Picatinny rails on top.