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AR pistol braces are pretty common these days, and many manufacturers make them for AR pistols and other large pistols that are too big to shoot comfortably with one hand. However, where did they come from, and how were they developed? How do they work? These are some questions we will answer below.

Custom AR platform rifle with pistol brace

Pistol Braces 101

The Final Brace Rule has been officially pulbished in the Federal Register and is in effect. Although Pistol Stabilizing Braces are not regulated, attaching them to a firearm could potentially make them subject to the NFA.

This type of brace — also called a stabilizing brace or arm brace — is a device designed to replace a traditional buttstock on a firearm and can help shooters fire the weapon with one hand. Braces were designed and advertised as an accessory for disabled combat veterans to shoot AR-style pistols more easily with one hand. This simple invention has managed to be game-changing in the firearm industry.

The pistol brace was developed not too long ago by a brand called SB Tactical. Alex Bosco was a USMC and Army veteran, and when he came back to the States, he visited a shooting range with a disabled combat veteran. He noticed that this veteran was having difficulty controlling his firearm. Bosco then came up with the design of the pistol stabilizing brace.

He founded the company SB Tactical and, after getting approval from the ATF, started making the first AR pistol braces. They gained a lot of popularity, and the first two companies to start using them were Century Arms and Sig Sauer. Pistol braces were especially popular with Sig Sauer, who introduced a line of AR pistols featuring braces.

Slowly but surely, other brands also started using braces for AK pistols and for many other firearms, including HK and CZ firearms, as well.

Typically, firing an AR pistol with one hand can be difficult. The weight is really off balance, and the gun tends to fall forwards. A brace attaches to the buffer tube of an AR pistol and secures the back of the pistol to your arm, allowing for more accurate and easier shooting.

SB Tactical SBA3 pistol stabilizing brace in OD Green

Pistol Braces

Wing Tactical offers a variety of braces from multiple manufacturers, including SB Tactical, Strike Industries, and Odin Works. Traditional pistol braces perform similarly to a butt stock (and attach to the rifle in the same fashion), and they’re designed to be compact and comfortable.

 KAK Shockwave 2M blade stabilizer in Black

Fin-Type/Blade-Style Stabilizers

After the initial development of braces by SB Tactical, many other companies also made similar products and made their own changes. This led to the creation of fin-type or blade-style stabilizers. These stabilizers have a single blade or fin in the middle, unlike traditional pistol braces, which may have two plastic or rubber blades that support your arm from both sides and hold the strap that secures the brace to your arm. Fin-style pistol braces usually have slots to use a strap, and they are like a minimalist version of traditional pistol braces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a brace for your AR pistol?

Whether you’re building an AR pistol or a full-length rifle, you must cover the buffer tube with a stock of some kind. Builders opting for short-barrel designs often choose pistol braces for functionality and their smaller size.

Which style is right for me—traditional or blade style?

The choice between a traditional or blade-style brace typically comes down to personal preference. However, you might also opt for a more minimalist blade-style part if you’re trying to reduce your carry weight or meet specific requirements for a competitive shooting event.

What’s the difference between an AR pistol and an AR rifle?

One of the main differences between an AR pistol and an AR rifle is barrel length. While other parts are comparable between both AR types, a short barrel is the hallmark of an AR pistol. AR pistols are sometimes built-in pistol calibers (like 9mm or .22), but this isn’t always the case. Some AR pistols feature a pistol brace, but some builders opt for a traditional butt stock if they’re not comfortable shooting with just one hand.

How do you add a pistol brace to your AR?

You add a pistol brace to an AR the same way you would install a traditional butt stock — just slide it over the buffer tube and use any included hardware to attach it to the buffer tube or lower receiver. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully.