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If you want to enhance your shooting experience with a firearm chambered in .22LR, you’ll find all the tools you need here at Wing Tactical. Explore our collection of .22LR muzzle brakes, compensators, and other muzzle devices and start customizing your rifle or pistol.

.22 Semi-Auto Rifle and a compensator

Enhance Your .22LR Firearm Performance

The .22LR (Long Rifle) is an incredibly popular cartridge with extensive use across various applications. This small cartridge is the favorite of many target shooters since it is affordable and easy to shoot.

But for shooters looking to improve accuracy, reduce felt recoil, and enhance their performance, there are plenty of .22LR muzzle brakes and compensators available in today’s small arms market. For new and veteran shooters alike, muzzle devices can help hone existing skills and build new ones — even while shooting .22.

KAK Industry fluted micro slimline flash can for .22LR

Flash Cans

Flash cans can help shooters improve their control, comfort, and accuracy during repeat fire by directing combustion gases and flashes downrange instead of around the sides of the muzzle. While they won’t cut down on sound or light, they can direct light and sounds away from shooters to reduce their impacts on shooting performance.

 Kaw Valley Precision Mach 3 modular linear compensator

Linear Compensators

Like flash cans, linear compensators direct combustion gases and flash downrange of the shooter, helping them maintain control and comfort during repeat fire. However, many linear compensators can be used in tandem with suppressors, which can help improve the performance of the latter.

KAK Industry faux suppressor

Faux Suppressors

If you like the aesthetic appeal of a suppressor but aren’t interested in the arduous application and approval process to get one, consider adding a faux suppressor to your firearm to achieve the look. While faux suppressors don’t function like real ones, they can certainly enhance your firearm’s visual profile.

Wing Tactical: Your Source for .22LR Muzzle Brakes, Compensators, and More

Whether you’re looking to improve your shooting experience with a .22LR compensator or you’re building your first AR platform rifle, Wing Tactical has everything you need to build or customize your dream firearm. Featuring countless high-quality gun components and accessories, our collection represents the best of the best in aftermarket small arms products.

Plus, our customer service is second to none. If you need help choosing a product or have questions about your next build, reach out to our team: we’re always happy to help fellow gun enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a firearm chambered in .22 Long Rifle?

Apart from its affordability, .22LR has a lot of other advantages. It is an excellent round for training young shooters since it has very low recoil. Additionally, it can be effectively suppressed, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a quieter shooting experience. Furthermore, the .22LR is often utilized for small-game hunting due to its effectiveness in taking down smaller animals.

What kinds of muzzle devices are commonly used with .22LR firearms?

The .22LR is a small cartridge. It doesn't have much recoil or muzzle flash. So, why would you need a muzzle device with it? Well, most people shoot their .22LR firearms without any muzzle devices, but adding them can also have many benefits.

Though the .22LR has a very manageable recoil, it can cause some muzzle rise, which can be solved by installing muzzle brakes and compensators. Moreover, suppressors are very commonly used with .22LR firearms. When suppressed, a .22LR can be very quiet; in fact, the sound of the firearm cycling is usually louder than a suppressed .22LR. This is why many small game hunters use suppressed .22LR rifles.

.22LR firearms are also commonly used for plinking and recreational shootings, and many people like to install faux suppressors on the .22LR firearms for aesthetics. These faux suppressors are like long flash cans that look like suppressors and can make your range gun look cool.

What is the effective range of a .22LR?

.22LR rounds are available in various sub-types: subsonic and hollow point rounds are just two of the many variations available on the market. Thus, different variations offer unique ballistic performance.

Most .22LR rounds are zeroed at 50 yards. Since bullets aren’t exempt from the laws of physics, they’ll continue traveling until they lose enough velocity to arc downward and collide with an object that slows their momentum. After passing 50 yards, .22LR rounds drop significantly, with some varieties dropping over seven inches by 100 yards.

The best way to test the ballistics of your .22LR ammo of choice is to go to the range, shoot from the bench, and use your sights to aim at targets at varying distances. Measure how many inches your bullet holes fall below the bullseye to estimate the drop at each distance.

Is a compensator better than a flash hider?

Compensators and flash hiders accomplish similar tasks — especially in firearms chambered in .22LR, which have limited flash and concussive sound to begin with. Flash hiders and compensators both direct gases and flash forward and away from the shooter, helping shooters maintain control and improve comfort on repeat fire.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of flash hiders?

Since they direct sounds, light, and gases away from shooters, flash hiders can help shooters maintain steady aim and reduce the effects of percussive sound. Flash hiders can, however, impact ballistic performance (though sometimes negligibly). Since they add length to the barrel, they can impact velocity at range on some weapons, particularly pistols.