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Custom Pistol Grips, Foregrips and Accessories

Wing Tactical has a wide collection of AR-15 grips and foregrips for sale, and all of our selections are brought to you by the top brands in the industry. Browse our store to find solutions compatible with your build.

Types of Grips Available Through Wing Tactical

At Wing Tactical, it's our mission to provide the best selection of AR-15 grips and foregrips on the market. Our bestselling products are as follows:

  • Pistol grips: These primary grip accessories are for your firing hand. You should have a pistol grip that fits your hand and features a texture you like. Having the right pistol grip for your AR-15 will help improve your shooting form and accuracy.
  • Vertical foregrips: Attach a grip that extends straight down from the front rail system. Your nonfiring hand can rest here for stability and help control recoil.
  • Angled foregrips: Keep your nonfiring hand a little more aligned with the bore for comfort. Some shooters find that angled foregrips make it easier to maintain muzzle control.
  • Handstops: Using a handstop brings your nonfiring hand back to the same position after each shot. Hold a low-profile handstop between your fingers or with the back of your hand against it.
  • Magazine well grips: Magwell grips are ideal if you'd rather hold your nonfiring hand closer to your body for stability.

Grip and Foregrip Brands We Carry Online

 Find grip and foregrip upgrades for your AR-15 by the following brands and others through Wing Tactical:

  • Arisaka Defense
  • Armaspec
  • CAA
  • Daniel Defense
  • Ergo Grip
  • F-1 Firearms
  • FAB Defense
  • Fortis MFG
  • Hogue Grips
  • Iron City Rifle Works
  • Magpul Industries Corporation
  • Mission First Tactical
  • RailScales
  • SLR Rifleworks
  • Strike Industries

Grip and Foregrip FAQs

What should I consider when choosing a grip or foregrip?

The custom AR-15 grips and foregrips you choose will play a role in how comfortable you are holding your firearm. We encourage you to pay attention to the following details prior to ordering:

  • Ergonomics: Take a good look at the shape of a grip or foregrip to ensure it will suit your preferences.
  • Construction material: You can choose grips and foregrips that are made with polymers, fiberglass or aluminum. Some styles are engineered with rubberized coatings to enhance your grip.
  • Orientation: Your best choice of foregrip will depend on where you want to keep your support hand.
  • Grip contours: It's important to select a grip accessory that fits the size of your hands for control.
  • Storage: Select products leave room for you to store batteries, tools and other supplies.

Why should I upgrade my pistol grip or foregrip?

Upgrading pistol grips and foregrips makes firing feel easier and more natural. Ensuring that you're comfortable will enable you to shoot consistently, withstand recoil and maintain muzzle control.

Products on the Wing Tactical store are also effective for keeping you steady so you can stay locked on your target and make quicker follow-up shots.

Customer Guarantees You Get With Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical strives to give you the best customer experience anywhere. If you are unhappy with your items for any reason, we'll make the situation right. We also give you a lengthy 30-day return period if you accidentally order the incorrect grip or change your mind.

We have a reputation for shipping our firearm parts and accessories faster than the rest. In fact, our customers normally see their purchases shipping out the day after order confirmation. We'll get your order to your doorstep in record time so you can hit the range and try out your new rig.

Our team knows the challenges law enforcement officers and military personnel face every day. For this reason, we're proud to offer exclusive discounts to the men and women who serve our country. To enroll in the program, get in touch and tell us more about your experience. Once we verify your identity and status, you can save on upcoming purchases.

When you buy AR-15 grips and foregrips from Wing Tactical, you receive the highest-quality accessories for your firearm. We stand by our grip and foregrip listings since everything you see in our inventory has been hand-picked by our staff. Our team puts a personal stamp of approval on the products we carry, so you know you're shopping gun parts you can trust.

Order Custom AR-15 Grips and Foregrips From Us Today

Wing Tactical is a veteran-owned company that puts you first. Take a look around our accessories collection to find brand-name pistol grips and foregrips you can order today to give yourself an edge. If you have any questions, you can always contact us for additional product details.