AR-15 Pistol Grips and Foregrips

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Wing Tactical is proud to offer a huge selection of AR grips for your next rifle build or customization project. Whether you’re looking for a striking skeleton AR-15 grip or a more traditional solid-style grip, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our catalog of top-quality firearms components.

Custom AR platform rifle with black pistol grip and beige foregrip

AR Grips and Foregrips from Wing Tactical: Skeleton Grips for AR-15 and More

Generally speaking, gunsmiths will encounter two distinct grip styles as they source parts for their builds:lightweight skeleton AR-15 grips and solid AR grips. Shooters typically choose a style based on personal preference. No matter which style you envision for your next project, Wing Tactical offers a wide variety of grip products from top manufacturers like Magpul and Hogue.

Bravo Company BCMGunfighter Pistol Grip for AR in black

AR Grips

As you explore Wing Tactical’s grip selection, consider each grip’s:

  • Profile – Each grip offers a slightly different ergonomic design. Choose a profile that matches your preferences.
  • Texture – Each grip offers different textural features. Consider how these specifications will impact your ability to maintain stability during firing.

Color/Finish – Whether you want your grip and foregrip to match other components or offer a pop of color, consider how your grips will complement the rest of your rifle’s components.

Tyrant Designs Mod aluminum skeleton AR-15 grip in six colors: black, blue, grey, gold, nickel, and red

AR Skeleton Grips

Shooters generally choose a skeleton AR-15 grip — a visually-striking, hollow grip design — for one of two reasons:

  1. Slightly reduced carry weight
  2. Aesthetic preferences

Wing Tactical offers numerous skeleton AR-15 grips for your next AR platform rifle build in a diverse array of styles, colors, and finishes.

 Daniel Defense Enhanced M-Lok vertical foregrip in three colors: black, tornado grey, and MilSpec+


Foregrips rose to prominence with the US military’s adoption of the Thompson submachine gun, an angled component that helped shooters maintain control and prevent vertical rise during automatic fire.

Today’s foregrips serve the same purpose: they offer increased stability and help marksmen maintain a confident, steady hold on their firearms.

Wing Tactical offers foregrips in a variety of styles and materials — you’re sure to find the perfect match for your next build.

Wing Tactical: AR Grips and Firearm Components for Top Marksmen

Since 2013, Wing Tactical has been curating a collection of firearm parts that meet or exceed our rigorous quality control standards. We don’t feature any products we wouldn’t use in our own builds — and our AR grip products are no exception.

Our collection of grips is designed for civilian gunsmiths, law enforcement officers, competition shooters, and military personnel. Shooters from all walks of life are highly satisfied with our products, and we guarantee that you will be, too.

Considering a skeleton AR-15 grip instead of a solid grip? Have questions about compatibility? Our helpful, seasoned team is always at the ready anytime you need support. We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you add a foregrip to your AR?

Foregrips aren’t required to operate an AR rifle, but shooters choose to incorporate them for a variety of reasons:

  • They can offer improved stability during shooting
  • They contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a rifle
  • They provide yet another opportunity for customization

While anyone can reap the benefits of adding a quality foregrip, they’re generally recommended for new shooters or people with limited range time who need the extra stability.

What are the drawbacks of adding a foregrip to your AR?

One of the few drawbacks of adding a foregrip is potential storage challenges. If your safe is bulging at the seams or your case won’t accommodate your rifle with a foregrip installed, you may have to add the component to your rifle only when you need it and store the rifle without the foregrip attached.

Will a skeleton AR-15 grip make my rifle lighter?

While hollow skeleton grips are slightly lighter than their solid counterparts, some marksmen might find the carry weight difference negligible. Ultimately, the choice of a skeleton grip over a solid AR grip comes down to personal preference.

Which foregrip is better: angled or straight?

Foregrips are available in a variety of angles. Like many other customization options, your personal preference should guide your decision. Choose the foregrip that best supports your stability, accuracy, and overall shooting experience.

Are all grips and foregrips compatible with all AR rifles?

Since the AR platform is so modular, you’ll find that most grips and furniture components are compatible with most AR platform rifles. However, always read the specifications on your chosen parts carefully before completing your purchase.