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Due to their modular design and the sheer variety of parts available in today’s small arms market, Glock handguns are highly customizable. To help you make your Glock truly yours, we carry only the highest-quality aftermarket Glock slides from manufacturers who value craftsmanship as highly as we do.

If you’re looking for a slide that meets your high expectations, you’ve come to the right place.

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What You Need To Know About Custom Glock Slides

In the world of pistols, Glock has made the largest splash in the last three decades. While the brand’s innovations were initially mocked, imitation is the greatest form of flattery — a trip to just about any gun shop will reveal a sea of double-action-only (DAO) handguns with polymer frames.

Glock is positioned to surpass the beloved 1911 as the most prevalent pistol in. It is certainly not surprising that an enormous market has developed to support such a popular brand. While it may not eclipse the aftermarket support the AR market enjoys, it is still substantial.

Why Upgrade Your Glock With Aftermarket Slides?

 image of heavily customized glock with text that says “there are numerous companies that have made custom machined glock slides available for instant purchase and use”

The Glock, although very reliable, would probably not win the sexiest pistol award. However, this plain platform lends itself well to customization. The slide is perhaps the most aesthetically visible component to customize.

In the not-too-recent past, if you were in the market for custom slides, you had your work cut out for you — customization typically required sending your slide to a machine shop, waiting for what seemed an eternity, and shelling out some serious cash. Today, numerous companies offer custom machined aftermarket Glock slides available for instant purchase and use.

Slide designs are highly swayed by personal preference. A custom slide might look like perfection for one person or mediocrity for the next. A slide used for competition shooting, for instance, might be modified for lighter carry weight. A slide made to sit atop a self-defense pistol would be designed entirely differently. To say that one is good and the other is bad simply is not possible. You should choose custom slides to fill a specific need, not because of what someone else does.

Ultimately, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the increased performance that an aftermarket Glock slide will bring to your weapon. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your pistol is uniquely yours.

Features to Look for When Choosing Your New Custom Glock Slide

There are several custom features available that stand out on an aftermarket slide. You can opt for just one or choose a combination of features. Select any — or all — of the modifications and get ready: life is about to get fun.

Window Cuts

image of example and description of glock slide window cuts

When you decide to get a replacement slide, it is not at all unusual to already have a premium barrel in your configuration. Many people choose to have slide cuts machined into the forward end of their slide to show off their high-end barrel. These are immediately noticeable from across the room. After all, that high-end barrel set you back a dollar or two and it seems a shame to keep it covered up.

Making slide cuts requires precision and machining experience. Try this one at home and you’ll end up on Gunbroker searching for a new slide. The wisest option by far is to source a machined aftermarket Glock slide from Wing Tactical. Not only will you save time and money in the long run, but you’ll also end up with an aesthetically pleasing component that works perfectly the first time.

Aside from the futuristic look, there is a practical advantage with this upgrade. Glock slide cuts increase air circulation around your barrel. Excessive heat is one of the causes behind the premature failure of a weapon's components — taking even the smallest step toward mitigating the heat issue is a prudent decision.


image of example and description of glock slide bullnose

While the Glock platform is among the most reliable on the open market, some people are put off by its boxy profile. This can create both aesthetic and operational issues. The Glock upper’s square nose has the tendency to hang on certain holsters. Whether you’re in a hurry or under duress, having to devote two hands to the task of stowing your weapon is cumbersome at best.

One feature of some custom machined Glock slides is the “bullnose” — machining to remove a bit of material off the forward edges of the slide, creating a less angular transition from the barrel to the lateral slide faces.

The bullnose Glock upper breaks up the profile of the gun’s forward end, giving it a little character and providing a functional edge while doing so.


 glock slide rmr cut image and description

The RMR cut on custom Glock slides gives you the option to mount a Trijicon type optical sight on the slide. Some models come with a cover plate to take up the empty space if you’d rather not have anything mounted.

In the past, this slide milling had to be commissioned individually and was rather expensive. Today, there are a number of reputable brands offering slides with RMR cuts — you can find many in Wing Tactical’s collection.

For some shooters, the Trijicon optics will never leave their Glock upper. Others may never take off the cover plate. Either choice is fine — customizing your Glock is all about options.


 glock slide serrations image and description

Companies add serrations to their aftermarket Glock slides to offer the grip needed to work the slide manually. A slide comes with a few serrations from the factory — but just a few.

If you have wet, muddy, or bloody hands, you’ll really need more than a few serrations to help you work that slide. While you might be wondering how many serrations are enough, what’s enough for one person might not be right for the next.

Serrations on the front of custom slides do serve a purpose. When making sure that the weapon is clear, most people will press check the slide and visually inspect the chamber. The forward serrations give extra purchase on the upper when performing this check. A customization should either look good, serve a purpose, or make your life easier, and slide serrations hit it on all three points.

When artfully employed, serrations add a touch of class to any Glock replacement slide. In visually breaking up the straight lines of the Glock upper, the serrations transmit a sense of forward motion. If you’re considering custom machined slides, then adding serrations is a must.

Custom Glock Slides: A Must-Have for Today’s Shooters

Aftermarket slides offer a variety of options for today’s gun owners, but something that one person simply can’t live without may not even pique another person's interest. That is exactly why Wing Tactical offers so many product choices.

Depending upon your budget, you can go crazy customizing that Glock. Or, you can decide to run it just like it came from the factory. The first thing to consider is what purpose the gun is going to serve. At the end of the day, your Glock is simply a tool: these upgrades can make that tool more useful.

Wing Tactical Offers Quality Aftermarket Glock Slides

As you explore custom slides, consider Wing Tactical. We are a company built to serve the needs of shooters like you. When you do business with Wing Tactical, you are dealing with a group of true professionals. Our business is making sure you get the high-quality part that you need without hassle. You don’t need to spend hours surfing the web, because we have it all right here. So, if you’re ready to pick up an aftermarket slide, scroll back up and get one. Of course, never hesitate to contact us if you have a question — you can bet there is a slide in our collection for everyone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Glock models use the same slides?

While Glock pistols are highly modular, they aren’t identical. Slides are designed to fit specific models and generations — carefully read slide product specs to ensure compatibility.

Why are Glock slides so heavy?

Slides on Glock pistols — and other semi automatic handguns — must be heavy enough to withstand rapid movement and recoil. But, their weight can make it difficult for some shooters to rack the slide. If you’re having trouble with racking, consider an aftermarket slide with serrations that make it easier to firmly grip the slide.

How should you maintain your custom Glock slide?

Most manufacturers recommend taking two key steps to maintain your handgun slide (and the other components in your pistol):

  • Regular cleaning – You should (at the very least) wipe down your pistol after each use. Occasionally, you should take your pistol apart and clean each individual component to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Oiling – Manufacturers suggest greasing your pistol’s slide, barrel, and grip frame after taking it out of the box and after each use (or once a month, if you don’t get many range opportunities).

How do you mount accessories on a Glock?

You can add custom accessories (like lasers, lights, and optics) to your Glock in one of two ways:

  1. You can use the pistol’s built-in accessory rails
  2. You can purchase an aftermarket Glock slide with custom cuts for mounting accessories

If you opt to take the customization route, make sure that your chosen optics will be compatible with your aftermarket slide product. Wondering about compatibility between different manufacturers? Contact us for advice on building a custom Glock configuration.