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Custom Glock Slides for Sale

What You Need To Know About Custom Glock Slides

In the wonderful world of pistols, Glock has made the largest splash in the last three decades. They brought us innovations that were initially mocked. Today, however, I guess we have all heard that imitation is the greatest display of admiration. A trip to just about any gun store will reveal polymer frames and double-action only triggers featured on the pistols of nearly every manufacturer.

Glock is positioned to soon surpass the beloved 1911 as the most prevalent pistol in America. Recently, Glock was selected to replace the Sig 226 for use by the Navy SEALS, which is quite an achievement by itself. Certainly, it is not surprising that an enormous market has developed to support such a popular brand. Perhaps, not to the degree that the AR market enjoys, still it is substantial.

Why Upgrading Your Glock With Off-the-Shelf Custom Slides?

Off the shelf customer Glock Slide

Eons ago, our ancestors customized the walls of their caves with crude paintings, making that cave their own. It’s not surprising that today the urge to take a common item and add custom touches still exists. The Glock, although very reliable, would probably not win the sexiest pistol award. However, this plain platform lends itself well to customization. Without getting into semantics, the slide is the most aesthetic component of your Glock to customize. In the following text, we will explore the arena of Glock aftermarket slides at length.

In the not too recent past, if you were in the market for custom Glock slides you had your work cut out for you. It meant sending your Glock 19 slide to a machine shop, waiting for what seemed like forever, and shelling out some serious cash. Still, many chose to go this route in search of the perfect Glock upper. In today's world, there are numerous companies that have made custom machined Glock slides available for instant purchase and use.

Perfection in a Glock 19 custom slide for one person, may well be just mediocre for the next. Or, not acceptable at all, depending on individual tastes and the purpose of the weapon. A Glock 17 custom slide meant for competition shooting likely would be lightened. This move can’t stand alone; the gun may fire, however, it will not run right without further modification of its internal parts and feeding it special ammo. A Glock 17 custom slide made to sit on top of a weapon intended for self-defense would be fitted with an altogether different Glock 17 upper. To say that one is good and the other is bad simply is not possible. You should choose custom slides to fill a specific need or desire, not because of what someone else does.

To customize your Glock means just that, you make the gun fit your needs and desires. If you just burn a box or two of ammo every once in a while at the range, then you probably don’t need a Glock 17 custom slide. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want one anyway. Hey, this is America, you can have something nice just because you want it. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the increased performance that a Glock 17 aftermarket slide will bring to your weapon. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your Glock is uniquely yours.

Features to Look for When Choosing Your New Custom Glock Slide

There are several custom features available that stand out on the Glock 19 aftermarket slide. You can opt for just one or go all in ordering all of them. However, be mindful of the fact that if you decide to make alterations after the fact you could incur an additional expense. Unless your Glock 17 slide is bare stainless steel it will have to be recoated by someone who likely will not be you. So, take your time and think it through. Select any, or all of the modifications and get ready, because life is about to get fun.

Window Cuts

Window Cuts on Glock Slide

When you decide to get a Glock 19 replacement slide it is not at all unusual to already have a premium barrel inside your Glock 19 upper. Many people choose to have Glock slide cuts machined into the forward end of their Glock 19 slide to show off their high-end barrel. These are immediately noticeable from across the room. After all, that high-end barrel set you back a dollar or two and it seems a shame to keep it covered up.

At first blush, one would think that making Glock slide cuts requires precision and machining experience, guess what, it does. Try this one in your home workshop and I foresee you on Gunbroker, searching out Glock slides for sale. You really don’t want to try your hand at Glock slide milling for fun and profit, I’ll bet it will not be either. The wisest option by far is to finish this article, then scroll back up. Wing Tactical offers custom Glock slides that will fit your needs. You will find custom slides galore, including some of those with beautiful Glock slide cuts. This is going to save you time and money in the long run.

Aside from the futuristic look of a window cut Glock 19 custom slide, there is a practical advantage with this upgrade. Granted, we are not talking about a fully automatic, suppressed AR-15, but heat is still a factor. Those Glock slide cuts allow for a bit of air to circulate around your barrel. Excessive heat is one of the causes behind the premature failure of a weapons components. Taking even the smallest step toward mitigating the heat issue is a prudent decision.


Bullnose on Glock slide

Everybody can readily agree that the Glock platform is among the most reliable pistols available on the open market. However, some people are put off by its boxy profile. At issue here is not simply the way it looks, but efficiency. The Glock upper ’s square nose has the tendency to hang on certain holsters when re-holstering the weapon. Whether you’re in a hurry or under duress, having to devote two hands to the task of stowing your weapon is cumbersome at best.

One feature of custom machined Glock slides available is referred to as the “bullnose”. This is where a bit of material has been machined off the forward edges of the slide. Therefore, creating an angular transition from barrel to the lateral slide faces.

In practical applications, the ability to perform certain tasks automatically, almost without thought is paramount to success. I mean, you shouldn’t have to look when you switch out a mag or holster your weapon. I wonder how many criminals would stand, calmly waiting for you to fumble around trying to holster your gun? I hope that body cam is working, at least the next officer will know who they’re looking for.

The bullnose Glock 19 upper breaks up the profile of the guns forward end. Giving it a little character and bringing a functional edge while doing so. Putting on a Glock complete slide with this option instantly transforms the appearance of your gun. The bullnose gives you an edge by taking the edge off that square slide.

While not as structurally critical as attempting to machine Glock slide cuts, you still want it to be right. You have the option of sending the existing OEM Glock slide off and waiting. Or, you can just get the Glock 19 aftermarket slide you want and be good to go.


RMR Cuts on Glock slide

The RMR cut on custom Glock slides is one upgrade not meant for looks by itself, but rather what it gives you. A slide enhanced with an RMR cut gives you the option to mount a Trijicon type optical sight on the Glock 17 slide. Some models come with a cover plate to take up the empty space when you rather not have anything mounted. This is all about options, custom touches that fit certain situations and personalities.

In the past, this Glock slide milling had to be commissioned individually, therefore, was rather expensive. Today, there are a number of reputable companies offering Glock slides for sale here on Wing Tactical that include this custom touch. When you consider the cost of a new high-quality Glock upper, adding an RMR cut makes sense if you ever plan to include optics.

For some shooters, the Trijicon optics will never leave their Glock upper. On the other hand, someone may get a Glock 17 upper with an RMR cut and never take off the cover plate. Either way is fine because this one is all about options. Hey, I don’t lock in my four-wheel drive every day, but I sure am glad it’s there when it snows.


Serrations on Glock slide

Companies add serrations to their Glock aftermarket slides for the same reasons that even the lowest quality gun out there does it. First serrations give you the grip needed to work the slide manually. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? A Glock complete slide comes with a few serrations from the factory. That’s the issue, they only come with a few.

If you have wet, muddy, bloody hands you really need more than a few serrations to help you work that slide. One custom touch available on a Glock 17 aftermarket slide is additional serrations in the front and even on top of that slide. You may ask how many serrations are enough? That’s like asking how many french fries are enough. What’s enough for one person is just getting the next one started.

Serrations on the front of custom slides, do serve a purpose. When you absolutely must make sure that weapon is clear, most people will press check the slide and visually inspect the chamber. The forward serrations give extra purchase on the upper when performing this check. A customization should either look good, serve a purpose, or make your life easier and slide serrations hit it on all three points.

When artfully employed, serrations add a touch of class to any Glock 19 replacement slide. In visually breaking up the straight lines of the Glock upper, the serrations transmit a sense of forward motion. If you’re considering custom machined Glock slides, then adding serrations is a must. Instead of just being a nice touch, serrations are elevated to an issue of safety.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, custom Glock slides are not the way to go for everyone. But, the same could be said about anything else in life. Something that one person simply can’t live without may not even pique another person's interest. That is exactly why they make both chocolate and vanilla, so we can all have what we want.

Depending upon your budget, you can get as crazy as a football bat customizing that Glock. Or, you can decide to run it just like it came from the factory. The first thing to consider is what purpose is the gun going to serve. At the end of the day that Glock is simply a tool for you to use. These upgrades we have discussed can make that tool more useful. Whether its use is business, pleasure, or self-defense you can well see the practical need to customize the weapon. Consequently, the role that custom machined Glock slides play in that decision does bear some thought.

Wing Tactical Offers Quality Glock Slides

As you think about custom Glock slides, think about Wing Tactical. We are a company built to serve the needs of shooters like you. When you do business with Wing Tactical you are dealing with a group of true professionals. Our business is making sure you get the part that you need and want. We bring a wide variety of quality parts to fill your needs. You don’t need to spend hours surfing the web, because we have it all right here. So, if you’re ready to pick up a Glock complete slide, scroll back up and get you one. Of course, never hesitate to contact us if you have a question or complaint, we welcome both. You can bet there is a Glock upper, up there for everyone.


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