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Glocks are known to be some of the most reliable pistols in the world; the Glock 19 is perhaps one of their most popular models, which is excellent for home defense, concealed carry, and competition shooting. Moreover, it works great as a duty pistol as well.

Another primary reason Glocks are so common among civilians in the US is that they have fantastic aftermarket support. Almost every manufacturer that makes firearm parts and accessories makes parts for Glocks, especially the Glock 19.

Glock 19 mag extensions can help you customize your handgun to your specific preferences.

Wing Tactical offers a wide variety of Glock 19 grip extension products—Glock 19 magazine extensions, base plates, and California-compliant accessories.

Custom Glock 19 with Magazine Extension

Glock 19 Magazine Extensions: Improved Grip and Increased Capacity at Your Fingertips

Magazine extensions do what the name suggests: they increase the capacity of your magazine. However, they can also serve other purposes, like extending your Glock 19 grip and allowing you to reload more easily. Many manufacturers make magazine extensions for Glock 19s, increasing its capacity by 4 or 5 rounds.

While you can find Glock 19 mag extensions elsewhere on the market, quality is Wing Tactical’s top priority—our Glock products reflect that promise.

True Precision magazine extension for Glock 19/23 in two colors: black and red

Glock 19 Magazine Extensions

Wing Tactical offers a selection of magazine extensions. We offer two distinct product types:

  1. Magazine extensions that increase ammunition capacity
  2. Extensions that offer additional grip space without adding round capacity

If you’re not sure which type is right for you, feel free to reach out to our experienced customer service team—we can help you find the right product for your needs and shooting application.

Springer Precision +2.5” base pad for Glock 19 in three colors: red, blue, and black

Glock 19 Grip Extensions

If you’re looking for a smaller-profile product for grip extension without adding clip capacity, check out Wing Tactical’s selection of Glock 19 grip extensions.

In addition to adding space for grip, mag extensions can complement your pistol’s color palette or offer additional visual appeal.

Wing Tactical: Glock 19 Products, AR-Platform Components, and More

Wing Tactical is a veteran-founded brand committed to showcasing the best that the small arms industry has to offer. Simply put, we don't offer any products we wouldn't use ourselves.

Whether you're customizing your Glock for optimal performance, tweaking your AR platform rifle for an upcoming competition, or building a brand new, one-of-a-kind firearm, our experts are happy to consult any time you have a question. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why install a Glock 19 magazine extension?

The Glock 19 is an excellent pistol for concealed carry. It may be larger than most CCW pistols on the market, but it offers a high magazine capacity of 15 rounds in the magazine. However, if you are using your Glock 19 as a competition shooting pistol or want a higher capacity for your home defense Glock 19, installing a magazine extension can be pretty helpful.

Though you can also use extended Glock magazines, magazine extensions have their own advantages. First of all, they fit flush with the grip of the Glock 19 and offer a better grip as compared to an extended magazine. They help you grab your magazines more easily for quicker reloads. They are also available in various finishes if you want to add to the aesthetics of your competition Glock 19.

Are all Glock magazine extensions interchangeable?

It’s important that you choose a magazine extension that’s compatible with your Glock’s specific model and caliber.

While some magazine components are interchangeable, you should carefully review a product’s specifications and your pistol’s manual to ensure that your products are compatible before purchase.

Are Glock magazine extensions reliable?

Yes, magazine extensions are as reliable. In fact, most magazine extensions come with a higher-powered magazine spring, which ensures that the rounds feed into the chamber reliably every time.

Why choose a Glock magazine extension that doesn’t increase round capacity?

Not all magazine extension products offer increased magazine capacity. Some shooters might choose an extension product that doesn’t offer increased capacity because:

  • They feel comfortable with their standard magazine capacity
  • They want to limit their carry weight (ammunition is heavy, after all)
  • Competition rules may restrict shooters’ ammunition capacities
  • Their state laws don’t allow magazine capacity increases for handguns

What’s the difference between a magazine extension and a base plate?

Magazine extensions are generally larger than base plates, so they offer more additional grip space than base plates. Base plates aren’t designed to increase magazine capacity, and some mag extensions are designed explicitly for this purpose.