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Chrome AR parts

The AR-15 is perhaps the most popular firearms platform in the US. These rifles are also used by the Military, Law enforcement, and civilians. Though the accuracy and reliability of these rifles play a major role in their popularity, many civilians prefer the AR platform because of its versatility and incredible aftermarket support.

Various manufacturers make incredible aftermarket parts for AR platform rifles that offer both function and aesthetics. Using these parts, shooters can modify their rifles and transform them according to their preferences.

One of the more popular materials used in rifles and their parts is chrome. From chrome-lined barrels and bolt carrier groups to smaller chrome parts that add to the aesthetics of your rifle. There are so many options that shooters can buy.

What Chrome AR Parts Can You Get?

Though chrome-lined barrels and bolt carrier groups are the most common AR parts preferred in a chrome finish, loads of other smaller parts come in a chrome finish. These smaller parts, like the Magazine release button, takedown pins, trigger, and bolt release, are usually added for aesthetics and can give your rifle a chrome accent.

Chrome-lined barrels and bolt carrier groups with a chrome finish can also have some performance advantages for the AR 15.

Are Chrome-Lined Barrels Good?

Ever since the US military started using chrome-lined barrels, there has been debate on whether it is good or not. Well, chrome-lined barrels do have multiple advantages.

Firstly, chrome lining and an exterior chrome finish prevent corrosion, which allows your rifles to last longer. However, that is not the primary purpose of chrome lining a rifle barrel. All military barrels these days have a chrome lining, which allows for better heat and pressure resistance in the bore, and prevents the barrel from wearing down under sustained fire. Chrome-lined barrels are also easier to clean.

Why Get a Chrome-Lined Bolt Carrier Group?

These days, bolt carrier groups come in multiple finishes, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Chrome-finished bolt carrier groups are resistant to corrosion and, more importantly, have a lower resistance coefficient. This means they slide in the receiver with less resistance for a smoother operating system. Chrome-finished bolt carrier groups are also easier to clean and maintain.