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The Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols in the world. It is used as a service pistol by many military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide and is also an incredible all-around pistol for civilians. From competition shooting to home defense and concealed carry, the Glock 19 is competent in every application.

But if you’re looking for customization options, you’ll find the best Glock 19 compensators on the market in Wing Tactical’s collection.

Custom Glock with a thread protector

Glock 19 Compensators: For Shooters Looking for Improved Control

Because of its immense popularity, the aftermarket support for Glock pistols (especially the Glock 19) is incredible. Various parts allow you to customize your Glock 19 to fit perfectly for different applications. One of the most popular upgrades most people make to their Glock pistols is adding a compensator.

A compensator attaches to the end of the muzzle of a rifle or pistol. It diverts combustion gases produced while firing in an upward direction to prevent muzzle movement and improve accuracy during repeat fire. If you’re using your Glock 19 for concealed carry or home defense, a compensator or other muzzle devices could prove useful in critical scenarios.

Agency Arms 417 compensator for Gen 4 Glock in Black


Wing Tactical offers Glock 19 compensators from a variety of manufacturers like Agency Arms, Zaffiri Precision, Strike Industries, and more. A compensator can improve control and precision during repeat fire by diverting gases away from the muzzle during firing.

Strike Industries 9mm thread protector in Black

Thread Protectors

If you install an aftermarket threaded barrel on your Glock 19 and you don’t plan to use a muzzle device in all scenarios, you’ll need a thread protector to prevent damage to your barrel. Wing Tactical carries thread protectors in multiple styles and finishes from various manufacturers.

Rex Silentium Razor Tactical pistol muzzle brake

Muzzle Brakes

A muzzle brake is another type of muzzle device. Muzzle brakes also divert gases from the muzzle, but they divert them in a different direction than compensators do. Their primary purpose is to reduce felt recoil, but they can be used in combination with a suppressor to baffle sound.

Wing Tactical Offers High-Quality Aftermarket Glock 19 Parts

As a veteran-founded brand, Wing Tactical understands just how critical it is to customize your firearm for improved performance. That’s why we’re dedicated to connecting law enforcement officers, military personnel, and civilians with the top-quality parts they need for their custom builds.

We’re confident that you’ll love every item in our collection — but if an item doesn’t meet your expectations, our return process is a breeze. If you need help choosing a part for an upcoming project, have a question about your next build, or just want to chat with a fellow builder, contact our team anytime.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a Glock 19 compensator?

Compensators are designed to redirect the excessive gases from the muzzle in a direction opposite to the recoil impulse, reducing the muzzle rise of your pistol and allowing it to deliver quick and accurate follow-up shots.

Most competition shooters who use the Glock 19 install aftermarket compensators; However, you can also use a compensator for your home defense or concealed carry Glock 19.

Will a Glock 19 with a compensator fit inside a holster?

That may depend on the dimensions of the compensator, but for the most part, you won't have any problems finding an appropriate holster for a Glock with a compensator. If you use an open-end holster, you shouldn’t have any issues installing a compensator. Moreover, most manufacturers make their compensators to increase the length of the Glock 19 to the same length as the Glock 17, which allows you to use Glock 17 holsters.

Which brands make the best Glock 19 compensators?

Various brands make compensators for Glock 19s. However, some of the most popular ones are Killer Innovations, Tyrant Designs, Radian, and Strike Industries. They make several compensators that offer considerable performance upgrades to a factory Glock 19.

What’s the difference between a compensator and a muzzle brake?

While both are muzzle devices, compensators and muzzle brakes perform slightly different functions. While compensators divert gases upward or downward (depending on the design) to compensate for muzzle movement during firing and prevent muzzle rise, muzzle brakes divert gases in different directions to reduce felt recoil during repeat firing.

What other customization options are available for a Glock 19?

Because of the overwhelming aftermarket support, there are numerous customization options for Glock 19. To refine your shooting experience or create a unique-looking pistol, you could customize your:

With a modular platform like Glock, your customization options are nearly limitless.