AR-15 Trigger Guards

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AR-15 Trigger Guards

AR-15 Trigger Guard

Almost every firearm these days has a trigger guard. This simple part is designed to prevent accidental depression of the trigger. For instance, if a gun does not have a trigger guard, the trigger could get caught on your clothes or other gear when you are moving and cause accidental discharges. Without a trigger guard, the trigger could easily get bumped, or your finger could accidentally slip on it as well.

Therefore, the trigger guard is an essential safety measure that every modern firearm employs. However, trigger guards can also cause problems in some specific scenarios. Specifically, in arctic warfare environments, where soldiers have to wear heavy winter gloves, it can be challenging to get their fingers inside the trigger guard without resistance. With some firearms, even simple shooting gloves can cause problems.

Therefore, the AR-15 has a removable trigger guard, which can be replaced with an enlarged trigger guard if required. This makes shooting with heavy gloves and arctic mittens a lot easier.

Why Use Enlarged Trigger Guards?

Most civilians, except those who live in very cold areas, don't need to wear arctic gloves. However, many shooters do use simple shooting gloves. The straight trigger guard used on Mil-Spec AR-15s does not offer enough space for people with big hands to efficiently operate the trigger when wearing heavy shooting gloves. Therefore, using an aftermarket trigger guard with a curved profile and more space for gloved hands can be beneficial. Moreover, aftermarket trigger guards are also made from aluminum, hence more durable and lightweight. You can also get them in various colors to add to the aesthetics of your rifle.