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Putting red dot or holographic sights on your rifle can help you fire more accurately or from a distance, but they aren’t ideal for every situation. If your main optic fails or you’re set up for long-range, offset sights are a quick and easy solution without needing to swap your optics when you’re in the middle of a situation.

Strike Industries Sidewinder II 45-Degree Offset / Inline Flip-Up Sights

How Offset Sights Work

Unlike other sights you might use while utilizing an AR-15 or another type of rifle, offset iron sights are mounted on top and are deployed at a 45-degree angle. By mounting offset sights like this, you can switch between aiming at a target that’s only 100 yards away and aiming at a target over 500 yards away simply by changing which sight you’re looking at. You can still rely on your main sight for long- and medium-range targets, but you’ll also be able to count on your offset sight for targets that are close-up.

Ultradyne C2 Folding Front and Rear Offset Sight Combo

Aluminum Folding Offset Sights

There will be times when you’ll want to have offset sights set up and ready to go, and there will also be times when you’ll want to tuck these sights away and use only your main sight. Folding offset iron sights, like the Ultradyne C2 Folding Front and Rear Offset Sight Combo, will make it easy to fold your offset sights away when you know you won’t need them. They’ll also make it easy for you to fold them back out so you can put them to good use at almost a moment’s notice.

FAB Defense FRBS 45-Degree Offset Flip-Up Sight Set

Polymer Flip-Up Offset Iron Sights

When compared to the aluminum version, polymer flip-up offset sights like the FAB Defense FRBS 45-Degree Offset Flip-Up Sight Set have the same functions. The big difference comes down to weight and cost. Polymer flip-up offset sights are more lightweight, and they’re also a more affordable option. They’re a great choice if you’ve never used these sights before and want to see what it’s like, or if you want to spend more of your budget on other parts.

Wing Tactical: The Highest-Quality 45-Degree Iron Sights Around

Wing Tactical has provided a wide range of handgun and rifle parts and accessories to civilian gun owners, first responders, and even active duty military members over the last decade. We sell everything from upper receivers to lower parts kits to 45-degree iron sights to those who need them.

At Wing Tactical, we know you need your firearms to be dependable and ready to perform up to their potential. We can make this possible by setting you up with the components you’ll need to build a brand-new gun or upgrade an existing one to make it even more effective.

If you believe you might benefit from using offset iron sights, Wing Tactical would love to help you choose the optics that will work best with your specific rifle. Contact us today to learn more about offset sights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are offset sights made for both right- and left-handed shooters?

At first glance, it may seem like offset sights are only for right-handed shooters. But companies do make both right- and left-handed offset sights so that anyone can take advantage of using them.

Can I only use a scope on my rifle?

You may be able to get away with only using a scope on your rifle at times, but it would be better to have access offset backup sights so that you can seamlessly focus on targets that are both close to you and in the distance without skipping a beat.

Is an offset iron sight easy to install?

Most 45-degree iron sights made by reputable brands like Ultradyne, FAB Defense, and Strike Industries are very easy to install without having to use any special tools. You can also make adjustments to them to account for wind and elevation while you’re on the move without having to take too much time to do it.

Do I have to use offset sights at a 45-degree angle?

Although offset sights are known as 45-degree sights, most of these sights can be adjusted to change their angles. You might want to adjust your offset sights based on the type of rifle you’ll be using. You can find an angle that will give you a great line of sight without anything getting in your way.

Are there any other benefits of using offset iron sights?

Actually, yes! While offset iron sights are effective tools for those who want to be able to aim at targets at both short and long distances, they offer other benefits. They don’t run on batteries, so they make great backup sights. If your main sight ever runs out of power, you’ll love knowing you will always have a spare.