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AR-15 Buffer and Buffer Tube

Buffers and Buffer Tubes for AR-15s

The AR-15 buffer tube assembly functions as a vital part of how your gun handles the energy generated when you fire. While it's not technically part of the firearm's gas system, it works with that system to create the right balance and limit your recoil.

Browse our collection of top-quality buffers and buffer tubes to see what we have available, or read on to find out more about these important parts of your AR-15.

The Function of Buffers and Buffer Tubes in AR-15s

When you pull the charging handle of your AR-15, it pulls back the bolt carrier group and pushes against the buffer, compressing the buffer spring. Releasing the charging handle allows the buffer spring to propel it forward, where it grabs a round from the top of the magazine and pushes it into the chamber for you to fire.

After the round is fired, gas from the burned powder enters the gas system through the gas port and travels through the gas tube into the bolt carrier group. The force of the gas causes the carrier to make contact with the buffer, and the buffer spring begins to absorb the energy as it compresses backward in the tube. At full stroke, the spring once again transfers that energy to propel the carrier forward.

Over time, these moving parts will begin to wear out. You'll want to check them regularly and evaluate the performance of your spring to know when they need to be replaced.

Brands We Carry

At Wing Tactical, we keep our online store stocked with top-quality buffers and buffer tubes from some of the industry's leading manufacturers. We won't sell you anything we wouldn't use ourselves, so you can shop with confidence that you're getting the best product every time.

Browse our store to find buffer assembly parts from the following brands:

  • 2A Armament
  • AB Arms
  • Aero Precision
  • Anderson Manufacturing
  • Armaspec
  • Battle Arms Development
  • Bravo Company
  • CMC
  • Forward Controls Design
  • Griffin Armament
  • JP Enterprises
  • KAK Shockwave
  • Kaw Valley Precision
  • KNS Precision
  • Odin Works
  • Phase 5 Tactical
  • Primary Weapons Systems
  • Spike's Tactical
  • Sprinco
  • Strike Industries
  • Tactical Link
  • V Seven
  • Vltor
  • WMD Guns

Buffer and Buffer Tube FAQ

What's inside the buffer tube assembly?

The buffer tube assembly for an AR-15 is made of five essential parts:

  • Buffer tube: This tube houses the buffer and buffer spring, extending off the rear lower receiver of your gun. It also provides a place to mount your buttstock.
  • Buffer: The buffer itself looks like a fat nail with a plastic head. It absorbs the force from the carrier after you fire a shot and behaves like a dead-blow hammer against the carrier to push it forward again afterward.
  • Buffer spring: The buffer spring absorbs the energy the buffer receives from the carrier, then expands again and returns it to send the carrier forward.
  • Receiver endplate: Your receiver endplate keeps your buffer retainer pin and spring in place. Some are also available with an attachment point for a quick detach sling swivel for added functionality.
  • Castle nut: This nut locks the buffer tube into the receiver. It should be torqued to spec and staked in place to ensure a firm fit.

AR-15 buffer tube kit

How can I help ensure I get quality buffer and buffer tube parts?

The AR-15 is a fan favorite because it's easy to modify, but this has led to there being very little regulation for aftermarket parts manufacturing. AR-15 parts are made by countless manufacturers and different companies around the world, creating a competitive market where quality can vary significantly between products.

As an integral part of your AR-15's performance, your buffer and buffer tube quality is crucial. The best way to ensure the parts you order will offer optimal performance is to do your research, pick a reputable manufacturer and only order from a company you trust. At Wing Tactical, our team carefully vets manufacturers for you, only bringing you the best-quality products for your AR-15s.

Guarantees When Buying From Wing Tactical

Whether you're building a new AR-15 from scratch or optimizing an existing firearm, you can find all of the buffer assembly parts you need with Wing Tactical. We maintain a large inventory of buffer tubes, buffers, buffer springs and full kits that have everything you need to build an all-new buffer system for your gun.

At Wing Tactical, we stand by our products and manufacturers. All of the products you find in our shop come backed by our personal stamp of approval. Other reasons customers love shopping online with Wing tactical include:

  • Fast shipping: Place your order before 1 p.m. to take advantage of same-day shipping. Other orders will ship out the next day.
  • Hassle-free returns: Return most products within 30 days with no restocking fees and no questions asked.
  • LEO/military discount: To thank you for your service, Wing Tactical offers an exclusive discount program for active military, first responders and law enforcement officers.

Get started today by adding the buffer tubes and parts you need to your cart, or get in touch with our team to find out more and discuss compatibility.