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To simplify your build, optimize available time, and save money on specialized tools, consider using an AR-15 complete upper receiver—a pre-built upper assembled by expert gunsmiths. Wing Tactical offers a carefully-selected catalog of complete upper receivers from America’s highest-quality firearm parts manufacturers.

Custom-built Aero Precision AR-15

AR-15 Complete Upper Receiver: An Overview

AR-15 upper receivers contain numerous moving parts. To save time on sourcing components, you can complete your build with a factory-assembled complete upper receiver.

Each AR-15 complete upper package contains a handguard, barrel, gas block, gas tube, bolt carrier group, charging handle, muzzle device, and upper receiver housing. Since each of these components can impact shooters’ ergonomic comfort and performance, builders should closely consider how the specific parts in each pre-built complete upper receiver will match their intended shooting applications and work in tandem with the rest of their build.

Aero Precision 5.56 NATO AR-15 complete upper receiver

5.56 NATO Upper Receiver

While today’s shooters have multiple caliber options to choose from, the AR-15 was originally chambered in 5.56 NATO. Available in 10.5”, 16”, 20”, and other standard barrel lengths, 5.56 uppers are an excellent choice for builders looking for shooting versatility.

 Aero Precision 9mm complete upper receiver for AR-15

9mm Upper Receiver

9mm is an excellent caliber choice for your AR-15 build, especially for shooters considering a short barrel. 9mm handgun owners can also enjoy ammo standardization between their rifle and pistol, along with ease of suppression and reduced fatigue after long range days.

 Primary Weapons Systems AR-15 complete upper chambered in 300 Blackout

300 Blackout Upper Receiver

Offering a larger bullet (and, thus, a higher grain weight) and outstanding velocity up to 300 yards, 300 Blackout is an excellent caliber choice for AR-15 builders looking for a round that can do it all.

Wing Tactical: A Quality-First Collection

Wing Tactical is your number one source for rifle and handgun components and accessories. As a veteran-founded brand trusted by law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, hunters, and civilian gun enthusiasts, Wing Tactical ensures that the products in our collection meet the highest possible quality standards—our AR-15 complete upper receivers are no exception.

Simply put, we do not sell products that we wouldn’t use in our own builds. We choose the components in our collections primarily based on quality, performance, and durability in the field. Whether you’re an expert gunsmith or you’re building your first AR-15, our team will provide the expertise and service you need to construct a quality firearm.

Want to learn more about choosing an AR-15 complete upper receiver? Contact us to hear tips from our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which parts are in an AR-15 upper receiver?

A complete upper receiver includes:

  • A handguardHandguards are designed to protect shooters’ hands from the heat of the barrel during firing.
  • A barrel – Critical to the character of your AR build, a barrel is a relatively customizable component that can impact your shooting performance.
  • A gas block – Essential to gas-operated rifles, the gas block collects expelled gasses from the barrel and directs them to the gas tube.
  • A gas tube – The gas tube directs gasses back to the receiver, cycling the action.
  • A bolt carrier group – Perhaps the most complicated component in an AR-15 upper receiver, the bolt carrier group includes the carrier body, bolt, firing pin, and extractor along with springs, pins, and gas rings.
  • A charging handle – Shooters pull back an AR-15 charging handle to load a round in the action. Charging handles feature a variety of ergonomic design options.
  • A muzzle deviceMuzzle devices are designed for a variety of purposes, like hiding flashes and reducing recoil.
  • The upper receiver housing – The upper receiver housing features the frame, dust covers, and (when included) forward assist.

Is it cheaper to buy or build an AR-15 complete upper receiver?

Purchasing a pre-assembled AR-15 upper might offer cost advantages depending on your chosen brand and specifications. Purchasing a complete upper will certainly save shooters time, and first-time builders can save on specialty tools typically required for assembly.

Can AR lower receivers and upper receivers be made by different manufacturers?

One of the advantages of building an AR-15 is its versatility. In nearly every case, lower and upper receivers made by different manufacturers will be compatible.

What is the most accurate AR-15 upper?

The quality of a barrel (one of the key components of an upper receiver) can significantly impact accuracy. The most accurate AR-15 barrels aren’t necessarily the longest—clean rifling, a uniform crown, and other indicators of a quality build are the most important predictors for accuracy.

Which caliber is best for AR-15?

While the AR-15 was originally chambered in 5.56 NATO, today’s shooters have numerous caliber options. Builders typically choose a caliber based on application (e.g., hunting, range practice, competitive shooting, or home defense), ammunition availability and price, and ballistics preferences.