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Custom SIG P320

Sig P320 Parts

So you bought a Sig P320, now what? Now, you get to customize it as per your heart's desire. One of the key benefits of owning this bodacious, semi-automatic beast is that it can be customized in every way imaginable to fit your hand perfectly. It’s like legos for grown-ups!

Wing Tactical offers you all the Sig P320 parts ranging from custom triggers to compensators, barrels, and sights, anything you could need to customize it as per your shooting exigencies.

Why Do You Need Custom Parts?

Adding custom parts to your Sig P320 makes it tailor-made for your shooting and adds a personal flair. These aftermarket parts provide an extra edge to the shooter in terms of accuracy, weight reduction, recoil reduction, aesthetics, and increased handling of the weapon. Some of the benefits of customizing your Sig P320 are listed below.

Better Handling and Shooting Experience

Lighter triggers, fluted barrels, cut slides, modular mag releases, and compensators affect how your gun handles and shoots. Substituting just one stock part for the aftermarket will considerably increase your shooting prowess. If you decide to replace all the critical parts with the aftermarket ones, that will take your Sig P320 experience to another level.

Accuracy is The Name of The Game

If you are looking for consistency and accuracy, the Sig P320 aftermarket compensators, custom triggers, and fluted match barrels will make you shoot like Deadshot.

The weight reductions in the fluted barrels and a high-grade aluminum compensator make for a gun with considerably reduced recoil. Adding a custom trigger will aid in good shooting because the light trigger, combined with the optimal breaking angle, makes for a clean, reliable, and on-target shot.

You can also choose from our cut slides to further decrease weight, which will reduce target acquisition time and increase the appeal of your Sig P320.

Night sights are a thing of beauty for those who partake in nighttime shooting practices, and it doesn’t get better than the collection we have.

Style, Aesthetics, and Class

Keeping the functional parameters aside, those three words describe what every gun enthusiast wants when buying a gun. Though the stock Sig P320 looks nice, a custom-made Sig that suits your modus operandi is rare.

And to aid you, our collection has attachments and parts that can be chosen in a variety of colors and finishes that can match every situation you can think of.

Durable and Lifelong

Wing Tactical makes sure to only keep the parts manufactured using state-of-the-art materials and technology. Whether it be military-grade aluminum, high-grade stainless steel, or corrosion-resistant coatings, these parts have it all and will last the test of time.