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The Glock 19 has a mag release button on the left side of the pistol. The button can also be moved to the right side for left-handed shooters. A Glock 19 extended mag release has a bigger surface, which is easier to engage when doing fast reloads.

Extended magazine release buttons are usually made from aluminum and come in a variety of finishes. Many shooters also opt for unique finishes on their Glock 19 extended mag releases to change up the aesthetics of their Glock.

Glock 19 Extended Magazine Release

Upgrade Your Glock 19 with Extended Mag Releases

Glocks are some of the most reliable and popular pistols in the world. They are used by law enforcement officials and Military personnel worldwide. The Glock 19 is one of their most popular models, as it is a very versatile pistol that can be used in almost any application. It makes for an excellent service pistol, is great for home defense, can be used as a concealed carry pistol, and, with a few upgrades, makes for a great competition pistol.

Glocks may not be the best-looking pistols on the market, but they sure are reliable and effective. They are also quite ergonomic, with all the control surfaces being easy to engage. However, if you want to use your Glock 19 as a race gun or be able to perform quicker reloads on your home defense Glock, you should consider installing a Glock 19 extended mag release.

Modular mag release for Gen 4-5 Glocks


Experience effortless magazine ejection with this Glock magazine release. Its serrated push pad prevents slippage, and its polymer main body minimizes wear and tear. This compact, ergonomic drop-in replacement offers two interchangeable push pads and comes in various stylish finishes, including Black, Blue, Red, and Titan Gold. Elevate your Glock 19’s performance with this extended mag release.

 Tyrant Designs Glock extended mag release


Enhance your Glock's performance and style with this CNC-machined aluminum magazine release. It's a drop-in replacement for the factory release, ensuring a perfect profile match with your Glock. The chevron pattern texture provides added control and grip. Made entirely in the USA, it requires no tools for installation. This upgrade is designed for quick and easy magazine ejection and is available in a range of attractive finishes, including Black, Blue, Grey, Gold, Red, and Clear Aluminum. Elevate your Glock's functionality with this high-quality enhancement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an extended magazine release enhance my Glock 19?

An extended magazine release provides quicker, hassle-free reloads and superior ergonomics.

Are Glock 19 extended mag releases compatible with left-handed shooters?

Yes, these Glock 19 mag releases are designed to accommodate left-handed shooters just as easily as right-handed shooters.

Do extended magazine releases come in various finishes?

Yes, Glock 19 extended magazine releases are available in multiple finishes to suit your Glock 19's aesthetics and other customized parts.