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The modular design of the AR-15 is a big part of the reason why it has become so popular over time. You can use it to customize your rifle in almost any way you see fit. One way to do this is by choosing to invest in a fixed stock for an AR-15 as opposed to an adjustable stock. It can make you more accurate with your AR-15 and ensure your rifle is as comfortable as it can be when you’re carrying it around.

B5 Systems Bravo-C Fixed Stock

The Benefits of Buying a Fixed Stock

There are two basic types of AR-15 stocks. You can choose to go with a fixed stock for an AR-15 or an adjustable stock for an AR-15. Some shooters prefer adjustable stocks for AR-15s since they enable them to modify the lengths of their stocks. It makes them an excellent choice for those with arms that are either longer or shorter than average or for those who plan to use AR-15s to shoot in groups. But a fixed stock also has its advantages.

While you can’t adjust a fixed stock’s length, you also can’t beat its rigidity. Fixed stocks are incredibly sturdy with no wiggle or rattle. If you plan on your AR-15 being yours alone and won’t need to shorten it frequently to slip it into a bag or vehicle, an AR-15 fixed stock will be an incredible option for you. Using a fixed stock for an AR-15 will help you establish a solid cheek weld in the same spot whenever you shoulder your rifle, improving your accuracy and comfort level.

Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock (Mil-Spec)

Fixed Carbine Stock

If your rifle has a Mil-Spec carbine-length buffer tube, you won’t want to put just any fixed stock for an AR-15 on it. You’ll need to get your hands on a fixed carbine stock like this Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock. It’ll work well with your specific AR-15 while providing 12.2" length of pull and a lightweight A-frame profile.

LUTH-AR Skullaton AR Fixed Stock (MBA-2) Complete Kit

Fixed Stock Complete Kit

Customizing your AR-15 with a fixed stock complete fit, like this LUTH-AR Skullaton AR Fixed Stock (MBA-2) Complete Kit, is another great option you’ll have when working on your rifle. It’ll give your rifle a 21st-century appearance while also proving to be lightweight, durable, and fully customizable with other accessories.

Wing Tactical: Buy a High-Quality Fixed Stock for an AR-15 From Us

Offering high-quality rifle and handgun components and accessories and fast shipping on all our products, Wing Tactical is the best place to buy a fixed stock for an AR-15. We’ve helped countless civilian gun enthusiasts, active duty military personnel, and everyone in between to get their hands on the AR-15 parts they need fast.

Wing Tactical is a veteran-founded company that knows how essential it is for AR-15 owners to be able to secure parts like an AR-15 fixed stock that’ll make their rifles perform better and ensure they’re as dependable as they get. We test out all the AR-15 parts we sell and stand behind them since they are products we use when putting together our own builds.

If you’d like to customize your rifle with a new stock, Wing Tactical can explain the differences that exist between fixed stocks and adjustable stocks so that you’re able to choose the right option for your AR-15. Get in touch with our experts today to discover more about why a fixed stock for an AR-15 might be your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some situations where AR-15 fixed stocks are preferred?

A fixed stock for an AR-15 will be preferred for sustained field shooting when you're not getting in and out of a vehicle frequently. An AR-15 fixed stock is also the best choice in any shooting situation requiring rigidity and consistency.

Is a fixed stock better than an adjustable stock?

Deciding whether or not a fixed stock will be a better option for you than an AR-15 adjustable stock will be a matter of personal preference. You’ll find that an AR-15 fixed stock will often be the superior choice when you plan to be the only one to use your rifle. It’ll also be the type of stock you’ll want to turn to when you need an AR-15 stock that will be sturdy and uncompromising once you put it in place.

Is it easy to upgrade to an AR-15 fixed stock?

If your rifle doesn’t have a fixed stock for an AR-15 installed now, you might be under the impression that it’ll be too difficult to make the change. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, as upgrading the stock on an AR-15 is one of the easiest customization projects of all. You won’t need to have any special tools or experience to make the switch. Just be sure to shop for an AR-15 fixed stock that will work with the size of your buffer tube.

How can I replace my AR-15’s stock?

Replacing your rifle’s stock and installing a fixed stock for an AR-15 will be easier than you could have imagined. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to do it:

  1. Ensure your firearm is empty.
  2. Remove the existing stock from the extension tube.
  3. Remove the buffer and spring from the extension tube. Press down on the detent pin to allow them to slide out.
  4. Loosen the locking ring using an AR armorer's tool.
  5. Loosen the extension tube slowly while covering the detent pin and spring with your finger.
  6. Put the buffer spring and pin in place, hold them down and screw in the new extension tube.
  7. When the springs are properly placed, and the tube is finger-tight, tighten the extension tube to the receiver.
  8. Once you've installed the extension tube, slide the new stock into place. Before pushing it to the receiver body, ensure the takedown spring is in the correct position.
  9. Install the new rifle buffer and spring inside the extension tube by reversing the removal process—hold the detent spring down, push the buffer past the pin, and let the pin go.

Which brands make the best AR-15 fixed stock options?

To make the most of a fixed stock for an AR-15, you should only buy one from a reputable brand within the firearm industry. Wing Tactical carries AR-15 fixed stocks from a long list of great companies, including Strike Industries, Magpul Industries Corp., Battle Arms Development, Inc., LUTH-AR, American Built Arms Company, Phase 5 Tactical, KAK Industry, and Hogue Grips.