AR-15 .350 Legend Barrels

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Wing Tactical is proud to offer .350 Legend AR barrels for today’s builders. Whether you’re looking for a specialty hunting round or entering a unique competition category, our barrels were designed with your customization needs in mind.

Faxon Firearms .350 Legend Gunner Profile Match Barrel

Barrels Designed For Builders, Hunters, and Marksmen

The .350 Legend is an excellent choice for hunting applications, whether you’re chasing whitetail, hogs, or even coyotes. It was specially designed to offer a high-caliber round with a straight-walled cartridge.

Shooters who opt for .350 Legend for their AR builds need quality barrels they can trust. That’s why Wing Tactical offers a variety of options for builders looking for dependability and durability. 

 Ballistic Advantage Performance Series .350 Legend  Hanson profile AR barrel

.350 Legend AR Barrels

If you’re building a custom AR-platform rifle chambered in .350 Legend, you need a barrel that will support the caliber, attach seamlessly to your upper receiver, and hold up to the demands of your shooting environment.

In snow, sleet, rain, hail, and sunshine, Wing Tactical’s .350 Legend barrels will continue to perform for years to come.

Wing Tactical: Providing Quality Components to Marksmen and Builders

Wing Tactical is proud to partner with today’s best manufacturers to offer the highest-quality firearm components available in today’s small arms market.

We take our responsibility seriously: That’s why we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use in our own builds.

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