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AR-10/LR-308 Buffers and Buffer Tubes

Commonly mistaken for one another, the AR-10 and LR-308 share many similarities. The AR-10 was first designed in the 1950s by Eugene Stoner, the man behind the AR-15. The LR-308 came about when DPMS created a more universal version of the AR-10 with parts that bore more resemblance to a scaled-up AR-15 rather than having its own distinct look. Both are highly popular today. While they contain many of the same parts, their most critical components are incompatible with one another.

As key parts of the recoil system, buffers and buffer tubes play vital roles in the operation of your firearm. At Wing Tactical, we provide parts and kits for AR-10 and LR-308 buffer tube assemblies. Browse our selection today!

What Does the Buffer Tube Assembly Do?

Buffer tube assemblies are essential to the proper cycling of your AR-10 or LR-308. For either firearm, the buffer tube assembly is the contact point for the buttstock and does the important job of capturing the force from the recoil to reset the bolt via spring pressure.

The bolt carrier group is thrust backward by built-up gas when the gun is fired. Its rear then contacts the buffer and compresses the buffer spring. When this motion stops, the buffer spring releases its stored energy and pushes the bolt back forward again so it can strip the next round from the magazine, chamber it and lock up for another shot.

Buffer Tube Assembly Brands We Carry

Our LR-308 and AR-10 buffer tube assemblies come from trusted producers like:

  • 2A Armament
  • Aero Precision
  • Armaspec
  • JP Enterprises, Inc
  • Kaw Valley Precision
  • Odin Works
  • Primary Weapons Systems
  • Spike's Tactical
  • Sprinco USA
  • Strike Industries
  • V Seven Weapon Systems

Buffer System FAQs

What's inside an AR-10/LR-308 buffer tube assembly?

When you order a new assembly for an AR-10 or an LR-308, you will receive many of the same components. Despite their visual similarities, these parts are specially designed for each firearm and cannot be used interchangeably.

The components that make up each buffer tube assembly include:

  • Buffer tube: This is the housing area for the buffer and buffer spring and acts as an attachment point for a buttstock.
  • Buffer spring: Stores all of the energy absorbed by the buffer and uses it to send the bolt carrier back toward the muzzle end.
  • Buffer: Absorbs the force from the bolt carrier after a shot is fired. Without it, the bolt carrier would severely damage the buffer spring.
  • Buffer weights: These weights are located within the buffer and are made of either steel or tungsten. They help in maintaining the correct cycle timing.
  • Receiver endplate: Constructed out of titanium, steel, or aluminum, this endplate keeps the retainer pin and spring in place.
  • Castle nuts: Available in steel or aluminum, castle nuts lock the buffer tube to the receiver.

Why should I upgrade my buffer system?

When you're looking at a replacement buffer system, you'll have the choice of many different weights and styles. Since your AR-10 or LR-308's buffer tube assembly is essential to the proper functioning of the gun, you'll want to replace it as soon as you begin to experience signs of it wearing out, such as slower cycling or malfunctions.

Upgrading your buffer to a premium product can also let you take advantage of these benefits:

  • Reduced recoil
  • Decreased muzzle movement
  • Better velocity
  • Preventing premature wear of parts

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Buy a New Buffer Assembly for Your LR-308 or AR-10 at Wing Tactical

Are you in need of a new AR-10 or LR-308 buffer assembly? Wing Tactical can help you find the right one for your firearm to ensure that it delivers the performance you expect. Get in touch with our team or place your order today!