9mm Bolt Carrier Groups

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If you’re interested in customizing a 9mm AR pistol, one of the most effective ways to do it is by incorporating a bolt carrier group into it. When you add a 9mm BCG from Wing Tactical to your AR9, you’ll be able to enjoy a much smoother and more refined experience when you fire it. Investing in an AR9 BCG can also benefit you by improving your accuracy, allowing you to maintain more control, and even reducing recoil in some instances without adding too much weight to your pistol.

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The Benefits of Buying a High-Quality 9mm BCG

To take full advantage of upgrading the 9mm BCG on your AR9, you won’t want to get your hands on just any bolt carrier group for it. Instead, you’ll need to make it your mission to obtain one that is manufactured with quality in mind. At Wing Tactical, we only sell the highest-quality bolt carrier groups for 9mm AR and other firearms. If we wouldn’t use an AR9 BCG ourselves, you won’t find it in our store. You’ll be able to make the most of installing a bolt carrier group when you take the time to secure one from us.

Juggernaut Tactical 9MM Nitride Bolt Carrier Group

9mm Bolt Carrier Groups

At Wing Tactical, we keep a wide range of 9mm bolt carrier groups in stock. From extra durable options to more advanced BCGs, you’re sure to find at least a few 9mm BCG options that will be compatible with your specific firearm.

TruCalibre AR9 Bolt Carrier Group

AR9 Bolt Carrier Groups

If you’ve set your sights on trying to track down a bolt carrier group that will work well with an AR9 pistol, Wing Tactical has you covered. We offer a variety of AR9 BCG options that will pair nicely with your particular firearm.

Rely On Wing Tactical for 9mm Bolt Carrier Groups

Ever since Wing Tactical was founded more than a decade ago, we’ve specialized in providing everyone from civilian gun owners and competitive shooters to law enforcement officers and even active-duty military members with top-notch firearm parts and accessories.

When you would like to take your AR9 to the next level by equipping it with a bolt carrier group, you can count on Wing Tactical to provide you with the right 9mm BCG. We offer an assortment of options, including AR9 BCGs, from a number of reputable brands and can help you pick out the best BCG of the bunch for your gun.

Whether you’re working on customizing your first pistol or have a wealth of experience when it comes to making modifications to pistols, you’ll find the talented team at Wing Tactical to be both helpful and knowledgeable. Reach out to us today to speak with someone you can trust about the bolt carrier groups we have available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upgrade my 9mm bolt carrier group in my AR9?

Reliability: Some aftermarket 9mm BCGs are designed with enhanced features, such as improved extraction and ejection mechanisms, which can contribute to increased reliability.

Durability: Upgraded BCGs are usually constructed from high-quality materials and undergo advanced manufacturing processes, leading to increased durability and longevity.

Ease of Cleaning: Some upgraded BCGs incorporate a finish that makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Will aftermarket a 9mm bolt carrier group going to make my pistol heavier?

You’ll be happy to hear that the materials used to make most 9mm BCGs won’t make your AR9 much heavier than it is now. You won’t need to be concerned about the weight of a bolt carrier group having an impact on your shooting experiences.

Will every 9mm BCG be compatible with my AR9?

You will need to be careful about which bolt carrier group you buy for your AR9 since not all BCGs are going to work with all firearms. Wing Tactical can show you some of the best options for your firearm so that you’ll know it will fit like it’s supposed to once you have it installed.

Can I install an AR9 BCG myself?

If you’re familiar with building firearms, you shouldn’t encounter any issues while installing a bolt carrier group for your AR9. If, however, you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you can also call on a gunsmith to assist you with its installation. It should be a straightforward installation process for them that won’t take long.

Which brands make the best 9mm bolt carrier groups?

At Wing Tactical, we only sell 9mm bolt carrier groups that are made by brands you can trust to provide you with long-lasting firearm parts. Aero Precision, Battle Arms, Faxon Firearms, and Spike’s Tactical are just a few of the brands we carry.