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Wing Tactical maintains a professionally-curated collection of .300 Blackout barrels for today’s hunters, law enforcement officers, and competition shooters. View our selection of .300 Blackout barrels for sale below.

Raidan Model 1 300 Blackout SBR with red dot site

.300 Blackout Barrels: An Overview

Since it hit the market, the AR-15 has been popular because of its versatility, efficiency, and easy customization. You can build your firearm from scratch or customize an AR-15 base model to create any style of gun you need.

With a .300 Blackout barrel, you can configure your AR-15 to fire the unique .300 Blackout round, which offers powerful, accurate performance and an even greater array of options to meet your needs as a shooter.

Want to learn more about the specifics of .300 Blackout? Check out our guide to .300 Blackout on our blog.

Spike’s Tactical 16 inch .300 Blackout barrel

Standard .300 Blackout Barrels

Wing Tactical carries standard .300 Blackout barrels — models without fluting or other specialty characteristics — from numerous manufacturers like Spike’s Tactical, Ballistic Advantage, Faxon Firearms, and more.

 Seekins Precision 10.5 inch .300 Blackout match-grade stainless steel barrel

Match-Grade Barrels

Match-grade barrels are manufacturers with tighter factory tolerances, and this feature can often promote improved accuracy.

V Seven fluted .300 Blackout 6.5 inch barrel

Fluted Barrels

If you’re looking to reduce your carry weight or your shooting context demands repeat fire, a fluted barrel might be the right match for your next .300 Blackout AR build. Fluting can decrease the overall weight of your barrel (and, thus, your rifle) and offers an increased surface area for faster cooling.

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Whether you're upgrading your current AR-15 or starting a new build from scratch, you can shop Wing Tactical’s collection to find .300 Blackout barrels for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the history of the .300 Blackout round?

In 2009, the U.S. military contracted Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) to create a quiet, new cartridge that would replace the MP5SD as the Spec-Ops weapon of choice. This new ammunition was intended for use in closer quarters and needed to deliver more power than its predecessors while remaining compatible with the M4/AR-15 platform.

The .300 Blackout uses virtually the same case as the 5.56 shell, but the case is necked up to accept a .30-caliber bullet and then trimmed to the correct length.

AAC began by looking at the previously developed .300 Whisper cartridge and reengineered it to increase its reliability, accuracy, and performance. The resulting .300 Blackout cartridge was officially approved in 2011 and has steadily gained popularity in the years since, becoming one of the best-loved cartridges for both military and civilian use.

What are some benefits of .300 Blackout?

An AR-15 set up for .300 Blackout is arguably one of the most versatile builds available.

The .300 Blackout carries a .30-caliber bullet that offers greater mass than a .223 round. Though these bullets are delivered at a lower velocity, the .300 Blackout's lower chamber pressure and fast-burning powder allow for shorter, lighter barrels ideal for close combat.

The .300 Blackout cartridge is available with a wide range of projectiles, allowing you to select and fire whichever is best for a given occasion. Your AR-15 with a Blackout barrel is able to safely discharge any of the .300 Blackout ammunition out there without modification, including both super and subsonic ammunition.

How do you choose the right .300 Blackout barrel?

The key to choosing the right .300 Blackout barrel for your firearm is to start by deciding how you want to use that gun. If you plan to use your .300 Blackout AR-15 for shorter distances or home defense, you should choose a shorter, lighter barrel. A longer barrel with a heavy profile will provide better accuracy for long-distance shooting. Also, keep the twist rate in mind to ensure the barrel you buy will fit your applications — some twists are more geared for either supersonic or subsonic ammo.

Beyond barrel length, one of the most important factors for selecting the best Blackout barrel for your AR-15 is choosing a high-quality product. Look for barrels from reputable manufacturers and check out the product reviews.

What can you use .300 Blackout for?

The .300 Blackout offers versatility for all kinds of firearm enthusiasts, from military personnel to competition shooters. AR-15s set up for .300 Blackout can handle projectiles with weights ranging from 110 grains to 220 grains.

Blackout rounds are a particularly popular choice for hunting because they offer considerable power and frontal area, allowing you to make an ethical kill at ranges up to about 200 yards. They're also popular for home defense since the larger bullets and lower velocities reduce the risk of overpenetration.

What caliber should you chamber your AR platform rifle in?

If you’re considering building an AR platform rifle but you aren’t sure which caliber to choose, consider:

  • Your applications – If you’re looking to hunt with your AR, consider your typical distance and choose a caliber with the appropriate ballistics and lethality to ethically kill your target species.
  • Your configuration – Your chosen configuration should also influence your caliber choice. If you’re looking to build an AR pistol, for instance, you might opt for a traditional pistol round (like 9mm).
  • Ammunition availability – Before choosing a caliber, take a look at ammunition availability and pricing in your area. Your build simply won’t be practical if it’s impossible to find ammunition for it.
  • Ammunition standardization – Consider chambering your custom AR rifle in a cartridge that matches another firearm in your collection in the interest of standardizing your ammunition supply.