The 6 Best Glock 19 Accessories for Parts and Customization

Posted by Frankie Chan on 12th Feb 2024

Two Glock 19s equipped with aftermarket accessories

Whether you’re a new Glock shooter or a long-time brand loyalist, you might be on the lookout for the best Glock 19 accessories available on the small arms market. 

Must-have Glock accessories range from muzzle devices to night sights and optic mounts — but what other items could you use to level up your custom pistol? In this guide, we’re breaking down some of the top products from aftermarket manufacturers.

Whether you’re looking for accessories for concealed carry, competition shooting, or unique aesthetics, Wing Tactical’s experts have you covered. Let’s dive into six of the most sought-after Glock 19 accessories on the market today.

#1 Compensators and Muzzle Devices

Compensators and muzzle devices are some of the best Glock 19 accessories for both competition shooters and concealed carry enthusiasts. Why might Glock owners consider adding a compensator to their custom pistol?

  • Increased accuracyCompensators redirect muzzle gasses to keep barrels as level as possible after firing — they compensate for muzzle rise. This function can help shooters maintain target visual upon repeat fire. 
  • Increased speed – Gas redirection can help shooters maintain a stable visual on their target, speeding up follow-up shots. 
  • Improved comfort – Some shooters find that the gas redirection of a muzzle device improves their shooting comfort by decreasing felt recoil, redirecting muzzle flash, or reducing heard sounds.

For an example, take a look at this Faxon Firearms compensator for Glock 19.

#2 Night Sights

For home defense shooting and everyday concealment applications, useful sights are key to accuracy, speed, and safety. Many shooters find that night sights, in particular, offer the all-around utility and slim profile they’re looking for. 

Why might shooters choose night sights over a traditional glass optic or laser?

  • Sleek designNight sights aren’t bulky and won’t interfere with most other must-have Glock accessories like slide attachments. 
  • Faster operation – While lasers and red dot optics have to be turned on, this adds a step in the firing preparation process — in a home defense or concealed carry scenario, fast operation is critical. 

Take a look at these Tyrant Designs Glock Compatible Night Sights

#3 Slide Rackers

Slide rackers are, simply put, a must-have for a wide variety of Glock shooters:

  • Competition shootersCompetitive shooters in speed-based contests can benefit from slide rackers’ faster racking support to speed up their reload times. 
  • Home defense and concealed carry shooters – In a home defense or other emergency scenario, every second counts. Slide rackers can help shooters save time.
  • Shooters with small hands – For shooters with small hands (or new shooters), racking the slide can be difficult. While this is a trainable skill, a slide racker can help bridge the gap as shooters build proficiency.

Slide rackers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but check out this example from Springer Precision for inspiration.

#4 Optic Mounts

Whether you start your pistol customization process by adding an optic or you simply want to expand your options for future accessories investments, an optic mount is one of the best Glock 19 accessories for custom pistol builders. 

Optic mounts (particularly universal models like this mount from Strike Industries) give shooters the freedom to add (or remove) optics with ease and simplicity. As you search for an optic mount, prioritize models that:

  • Attach securely to the frame or slide
  • Interact seamlessly with the rest of your build
  • Are made from high-quality materials and finishes

#5 Extended Mag Releases

Tyrant Designs extended mag release for Glock pistols

Magazine changes and reloading are some of the most time-sensitive tasks in a tactical scenario — in a shooting competition or a harrowing home defense situation. 

Extended mag releases can help shooters reload more quickly:

  • They’re easily reachableSince mag release extenders are easy to reach, they can take less time to manipulate.
  • They’re perfect for new shooters – New shooters who haven’t yet built the muscle memory needed to reload quickly can speed up the process with a more accessible release switch.
  • They provide a quick, positive click – Mag releases, by design, are robust; they require a deep press to get a positive click. Extenders can, in some cases, make it easier and quicker to release the magazine — a significant advantage for competition shooters in particular. 

For a quintessential example, take a look at this mag release extender from Tyrant Designs

#6 Magazine Base Plates

For a simple aesthetic upgrade to your custom pistol, consider a magazine base plate: these accessories come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and they’re perfect for adding that extra personalized touch to your customized firearm. 

While changing magazine base plates doesn’t necessarily serve a functional purpose, they can help shooters organize loaded magazines by ammunition type (i.e., using a red base plate for hollow points, a gold base plate for frangible rounds, and a red base plate for practice ammo).

If you’re ready to browse base plate options, these sleek models from Tyrant Designs offer an excellent starting point.

Discover Glock 19 Accessories at Wing Tactical

Whether you’re looking for must-have Glock accessories for yourself or a loved one, Wing Tactical has an inventory full of pistol customization upgrades that any shooter will love. As shooters and gunsmiths ourselves, we deeply understand the practical needs of a wide variety of shooting applications — and we’re always here to help with product selection. 

Browse our collection of the best Glock 19 accessories available in today’s small arms market.

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