• Aggressive serrated front & rear slide ridges
  • 45-degree chamfer edges to ease holster ingress and egress
  • Wraparound Scalloped serration pattern improves grip while manipulating the slide
  • Features a precision Wire EDM Breach Face
  • Manufactured to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency barrel lock up and improved accuracy
  • Heat-treated with DLC finish for added corrosion resistance
  • Ideal upgrade for factory Gen 3 Glock 19, accepts factory and aftermarket barrels and parts
  • Comes with standard Glock sight cuts equipped with tritium night sights and pre-cut optic pocket

**These are stripped slides and do not come with internal components and barrel.


  • Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: DLC Coating
  • Weight: 9.77 oz.
  • Width: 1.006"
  • Height: 0.844"
  • Length: 6.75"


  • Gen 3 Glock 19
    • Pre-Cut RMR Footprint Mounting Slot Fits Trijicon®, SOUSA® RAID™ RPD & Holosun® HE508T, HS507C, HS407C

**Channel liner required for these slides. Channel liners are a press fit and require a tool to install.


  • 1x CMC KRAGOS Glock 19 Slide
  • 1x RMR Cover Plate
  • 2x RMR Cover Plate Screws
  • 1x Slide Back Plate
  • 2x Mounting Screws
  • 1x Tritium Night Sights (Installed)


When considering a Glock 19 aftermarket slide, you cannot go wrong with the CMC KRAGOS custom Glock 19 slide. Not only does this slide offer a tactical and aggressive appearance, but it was intentionally designed to improve your weapon’s performance without negatively impacting its ability to be concealed.

A Glock 19 Custom Slide That Improves Handling

Being able to expertly handle your weapon of choice is crucial for accuracy and for successful self-defense. This KRAGOS Glock 19 aftermarket slide is manufactured with a pattern of notches that helps you improve your grip to adjust the slide, which is useful for general handling, clearing the chamber and cleaning your weapon. The chamber edge was also designed to prevent interference resulting from catching on clothing or gear when unholstered to shoot.

The CMC KRAGOS Can Be Used With Factory and Aftermarket Parts

This Glock 19 custom slide will not limit how you want to customize your Gen 3 Glock® 19. The KRAGOS can be used with both factory and aftermarket barrels and parts. Should you be building your weapon, know that this custom Glock 19 slide matches well with Polymer 80 frames.

CMC Offers Quality You Can Rely On

CMC designed this Glock 19 aftermarket slide not only for military and law enforcement, but also for civilians. You can have confidence in your KRAGOS custom Glock 19 slide because CMC manufactures these slides to have improved barrel lock up and accuracy compared to the factory Glock slides. The KRAGOS Glock 19 custom slide is heat treated and coated with diamond like carbon (DLC) finish for corrosion protection, improving its durability.

CMC Stands Behind Their Products

CMC provides a life time warranty on all their products.



This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK. GLOCK does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols.

“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. Neither Wing Tactical, LLC nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. The use of “GLOCK” on this page is merely to advertise the sale of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. For additional genuine GLOCK, Inc. and GLOCK Ges.m.b.H products and parts visit

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