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Sig Sauer has emerged as a leading figure in the firearms world, and their influence only expands. Recent contracts with the US military for the latest sidearm and Next Gen Squad Weapon could potentially propel them to the top of the firearms manufacturing landscape in the States.

Crafting the Finest Handguns for Military and Law Enforcement

With its roots in Germany, Sig Sauer now calls the US home, with a central office in New Hampshire and manufacturing facilities close to it. They've earned a reputation for crafting some of the finest handguns around. The Sig P320, a global top-seller, is the chosen weapon of the US military and law enforcement personnel. Then there's the Sig P365, which turned the 9mm concealed carry market on its head in 2018.

Sig Sauer's Diverse Arsenal

But Sig Sauer not only excels in pistols. They're also known for top-tier rifles like the MCX rifle and the MPX Carbine, which have found a home in the civilian market. The military, on the other hand, utilizes the XM5 squad rifle and the XM250 light machine gun, the successors of the M4 and M249 squad weapons.

Sig Sauer's Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Sig Sauer's name is synonymous with the highest quality firearms. Their products are always reliable, precise, and resilient. Plus, their modern modular firearms are at the forefront of innovation. So, when it comes to firearms or accessories, Sig Sauer is a name that inspires trust.