Making Shooting Accessible for All

Posted by Karen Hung on 9th Aug 2022

For many people, shooting for hunting, leisure or competition is a lifestyle. Firearm enthusiasts look forward to visiting the range to relieve stress and enjoy using their favorite equipment, and this hobby is now more inclusive than ever thanks to technology supporting shooting with disabilities. In recent years, manufacturers have developed many innovative solutions to help those who are wheelchair-bound partake in shooting sports.

Adaptive shooting equipment empowers anyone with a passion for firearms to take the perfect shot. All you need is the right gear to create the ideal adaptive shooting setup for someone with a physical disability.

What Is Adaptive Shooting?

Adaptive shooting describes a series of programs and equipment designed to help underrepresented groups participate in shooting sports. Started by initiatives from large organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), the concept has resulted in great strides to give injured veterans, elderly individuals and anyone with a physical disability the means to access and use firearms in a way that is safe and comfortable. These accessibility measures are accomplished by emphasizing special training techniques and introducing technology to users who might have trouble pulling the trigger independently.

The intent behind adaptive shooting programs and gear is to make shooting sports accessible to everyone who wants to participate. It is estimated that about 74 million people live with a disability. Adaptive shooting initiatives give shooters with disabilities the opportunity to engage in moderate activity like shooting sports.

Select gun ranges have adaptive shooting equipment available to rent or sign out on their premises. These resources make it possible for friends and family members to enjoy shooting together without physical disabilities getting in the way.

4 Accessories to Make Shooting More Accessible

Nerve damage, arthritis and chronic illnesses can make it hard to operate and fire a gun. Thankfully, helpful accessories on the market can make it easier for you or a loved one to use firearms in competition or in acts of self-defense.

Those using a wheelchair may have to exercise the upper parts of the body to support the weight of a firearm and prepare for the recoil. Speaking to your physical therapist or health professional is recommended to ensure you're strong enough to handle a gun without strain.

There are a variety of accessories someone with limited mobility can use to fire and handle a gun.

1. Magazine Loaders

People who have a difficult time using their hands can rely on magazine loaders for assistance. These devices streamline the reloading process for those with amputated fingers or limited hand strength.

2. Night Sights

Shooters with poor vision can add night sights or optics to handguns to help their aim. Some enthusiasts choose to integrate firearm lights or lasers to promote more accurate shot placement.

3. Finger Control Devices

Some individuals lack the index finger strength to pull a gun trigger. You can explore your options for tools that fit over your hand and let you use more of your wrist and arm to fire a gun. You can think of finger control devices as prosthetic extensions that relieve stress on the body without disrupting your aim.

4. Adjustable Bipods & Tripods

Firearm bipods, tripods and other rests support the weight of a gun for you, making it easier to stay on target by eliminating fatigue. Choose a model that will hold up your pistol, rifle or shotgun.

Accessible Shooting Events

Accessible shooting events are open to people with disabilities and diverse levels of experience. These events are held throughout the U.S. with the goal of training attendees on how to operate handguns. Here, trained instructors work alongside disabled individuals to help them find and use the right accessibility solutions for their unique needs. Participants can return post-training to compete in shooting games.

Whether a person is visually impaired or experiencing mobility complications, accessible shooting events are open to all. These gatherings are effective for increasing shooter confidence, as each participant can learn about and try technologies that make shooting with disabilities achievable. Accessible shooting events are wonderful for U.S. veterans and others who have long-lasting injuries, chronic pain or disabilities from birth.

Annual events welcome first-time shooters as well as returning attendees. The training sessions build from the basics, making it easy for beginners to enter competitions quickly. Many of the training activities involve preparing for self-defense scenarios. Depending on the objective of each session, participants may have the chance to engage with various backdrops for fun and competitive matches.

The games at accessible shooting events encourage men and women to improve their scores, but there is more to the message — the events aim to make those with disabilities feel empowered to fire a gun, push their limits and develop valuable self-defense capabilities.

Benefits of Adaptive Shooting

Equipment tailored to those unable to walk or move parts of the body helps people with disabilities enjoy a new hobby and creates talented firearm enthusiasts who can make valuable contributions to the industry. You can find gear designed to accommodate both common and rare physical conditions. Once you find the equipment suitable for you, it's possible to hold a gun steadily, pull the trigger, reload ammunition and hit targets with minimal assistance from others.

One of the biggest perks of adaptive shooting is that devices allow shooters to fire while standing or sitting in a wheelchair. Being able to draw a gun in unpredictable situations is vital for self-defense, so accessible shooting solutions keep those with disabilities safe and feeling confident behind a firearm.

The number of adaptive shooting accessories available on the market is constantly expanding. Speaking to a knowledgeable professional about gear that can help improve your shot is the first step in making a change that could improve your quality of life and introduce you to a fun new hobby — and a community of great people along with it.

Adapting shooting events allow people with common interests to build relationships and encourage one another in more than just shooting ability.

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