Why Pick a Taper Mount Muzzle Device?

Posted by Karen Hung on 20th Apr 2022

Accurate shooting requires consistency and repeatability in any situation. Tapers create perfect alignment between barrels and muzzle devices, securely locking the muzzle device in place using friction. By choosing a taper mount muzzle device, you can count on highly accurate performance with every shot.

Benefits of a Taper Mount Muzzle Device

Taper mount muzzle devices provide several unique features and benefits, including:

  • A gas seal that reduces carbon buildup on the threads, preventing your muzzle device from becoming "carbon-locked" and stuck on your firearm.
  • A concentric lockup that allows you to attach and detach your muzzle device without re-zeroing your rifle.
  • A long-lasting friction lock with no teeth to wear down over time.
  • Constant spring pressure, which helps your muzzle device remain secured to your rifle through multiple firing cycles and high firing rates.

How Does a Taper Mount Muzzle Device Work?

A taper mount muzzle device is easy to use. Simply hand-tighten the device to lock it in place — it doesn't require teeth, a rachet or any mechanical latching mechanism to tighten. It also tightens with minimal effort while providing a secure connection.

You can follow a few simple steps to attach your taper mount muzzle device:

  1. Align and thread the muzzle device on to the taper mount: Ensure the locking collar is unlocked before threading. This process creates a gas seal and a consistent lockup to ensure your rifle's accuracy and a repeatable return to zero after detaching and reattaching your muzzle devices.
  2. Tighten the locking collar: Make a half-turn with the locking collar to tighten it. The locking collar compresses the spring arms, creating a friction lock that keeps the device in place. The friction lock provides a consistent, secure lockup to keep your muzzle device where it should be at all times.

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