• Works with AR15 with .223 Rem. / 5.56 NATO barrel (.750" gas seat)
  • Short stroke free floating piston system
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Carbon and gases are expelled forward, away from operator
  • Corrosive resistant coating processes
  • Harmonics are not transferred into the barrel
  • Adjustable gas settings for various applications
  • Doesn't vent directly to atmospheric pressure; this eliminates flash signature and super sonic crack which is optimal for night vision and suppresses fire


  • Patented Low-Mass Bolt Carrier
  • .750" XLP Multi-Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block
  • Gas Plug
  • Upper Receiver Bushing
  • Bushing Installation Rod
  • Bolt Spring
  • Drive Rod with Bushing and Spring
  • Installation DVD

**The manufacture recommend using a standard barrel nut or barrel nut with similar measurements for proper fit and function of the kit. Many aftermarket proprietary barrel nuts do not offer the clearance for the drive rod or proper seating of the spring and bushing.


The Adams Arms Piston XLP Piston Kit allows you to convert your direct impingement AR-15 into a piston-driven system for the best of both worlds: the ergonomics and modular capabilities of the AR-15 combined with the reliability and easy cleaning of a gas piston rifle.

With the Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit upgrade, your bolt will be exposed to much less fouling since the short-stroke piston ejects the gas forward and away from the action. The parts of this conversion kit undergo a finishing process to give them superior resistance to corrosion and wear.

This kit also comes with Adams Arms' patented Low Mass Bolt Carrier for a low-recoil shooting experience. This bolt carrier is machined from 8620 steel, and the design eliminates all non-essential mass. The result is a 21% reduction in bolt carrier weight (7.5oz).

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