• Significant improvement on felt recoil
  • Faster sight recovery and follow-up shot
  • Weighs only 6.68 oz.


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300BLK
  • Weight:
    • Ultra LMOS Bolt Carrier only: 6.68 oz.
    • Ultra LMOS Bolt Carrier Group (with JP Enhanced Bolt): 8.8 oz.
  • Finish:
    • Bolt Carrier: QPQ Black
    • Enhanced Bolt: Chromium Nitride
  • Material:
    • Bolt Carrier: Stainless Steel
    • Enhanced Bolt: SAE 9310 Steel
  • Profile: Low-Mass


  • AR-15


  • LMOS Bolt Carrier
    • JP Low Mass Bolt Carrier


When you want to build the best competition AR rifle you need the best components. JP Enterprises exists to supply competition shooters with the components they need to build a rifle that is as good as they are. One that will make them even better. One way that advanced shooters can improve their accuracy and the speed of follow-up shots is by switching from a standard BCG to the JP Low Mass Bolt Carrier to reduce the force felt upon firing.

JP Low Mass Bolt Carrier Is Designed To Reduce Felt Recoil

While muzzle devices manage expelled gasses in an effort to control recoil forces, Low Mass Operating Systems reduce the mass of the parts of your rifle that move upon firing. Less reciprocating mass translates into less impulse felt by the shooter and a firearm that moves much less during the firing cycle. Not only does less motion translate into better accuracy, but it also means you’ll be able to reacquire your target much more quickly to aim for the next shot.

The JP Low Mass Bolt Carrier shaves two ounces off the weight of their own Full Mass Bolt Carrier and maintains essential features introduced in their full mass line. Extra wide carrier rails double the bearing surface of these carriers and rounded surfaces reduce friction so well that a rifle equipped with JP components feels as though it operates on ball bearings. Specially engineered lightening cuts reduce weight without compromising strength. The outer QPQ finish and roller-burnished bore finish offer superior inherent lubricity and dependability in those travel surfaces that failed too often in Mil-spec carriers.

JP Low Mass Carriers are manufactured by skilled American Craftsmen of quality 416 stainless steel. While they have proven extremely reliable, these components are intended for use in competition rifles only.

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