• CNC Machined from aerospace grade aluminum
  • Drop-in replacement for the factory Glock 43 magazine release
  • Merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your Glock 43
  • Eject your Glock 43 magazine quickly and with ease
  • Chevron pattern texture for added control and increased purchase
  • Available in Black, Red, Silver, Grey, and Blue
  • Designed and machined 100% in the USA


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.11 oz.

*Due to various factors that occur during the anodization process, the color may differ between batches for this product.


  • Glock 43


When you get tired of feeling around for the mag release on your Glock 43 you have to admit that it’s time for a change. This is one thing that duct tape can’t fix and it’s not time for a new pistol, it’s time to upgrade to a Tyrant Glock 43 mag release.

Why Glock 43 Extended Mag Release? Because... Size Does Matter

Any Glock has very few shortcomings, but I’m afraid your Glock 43 has one it’s that flat, hard to use magazine release. Your thumb just wants to slide right over it, you won’t have that issue when you get a Glock 43 extended magazine release from Tyrant CNC. It’s made to OEM specs, only better. This Glock 43 mag release is just a bit taller with striking chevrons machined into its side, therefore your thumb gets a better purchase and your magazine comes out with ease. Tyrants’ Glock 43 extended mag release solves this age-old problem.

Easy and Tough?

Your new Tyrant CNC Glock 43 extended magazine release is computer machined from nearly indestructible aluminum. Tyrant builds these to last a lifetime, just like the warranty that comes with every new Glock 43 extended mag release they craft. If your Glock is still basic black you can keep it that way, but you can have a choice of adding a bit of color because Tyrant gives you a choice of four. When your new Glock 43 extended mag release gets to your house you won’t be waiting days on the gunsmith, you can have it switched out in just minutes. So, give your thumb a break, upgrade to a Glock 43 extended magazine release today.



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