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When Tyrant Designs CNC entered the firearms accessory market, they brought the wisdom and skill of 30 years of precision machining experience in the Defense, Aerospace and Medical fields to the game. Their mission is singular: To design and manufacture only the highest of quality rifle accessories. Tyrant believes that you and your rifle deserve better quality accessories than what has traditionally been offered and they intend to see that you get them.

Tyrant makes its home right outside Chicago in Franklin Park, Illinois. There they have a 10,000 square foot facility that houses a team of brilliant minds who dedicate themselves to the research and development of new, superior quality accessories for the small arms community. The diverse capability of their CNC mill and lathe centers and skilled machinists allows them to manufacture just about anything the imagination can conceive. Quality control is of utmost importance at Tyrant, you’ll never see an inferior product leave their production floor.

The Products

The bread and butter of Tyrant Designs creations is a line of precision machined, skeletonized aluminum grips that are not only lightweight and durable but gorgeous and easy to handle. Each grip that Tyrant designs features chamfered edges. There are no sharp corners to cause fatigue or discomfort to the operator. Tyrant’s grips are easy to install and feature knurled surfaces for a positive grip even in challenging conditions.

Tyrant Designs also presents an innovative offering in MOD grips. Tyrant’s MOD line is a line of grips that feature skeletonized aluminum bodies with swappable backstrap and front grip surfaces made of machined polymer composites. These are among the most durable and comfortable grips on the market and are easily customizable to the needs of a specific shooter.