• Innovative trigger safety system designed for SIG P365 with patent-pending technology
  • Drop in replacement
  • 30% reduced trigger pre-travel without compromising SIG internal safety
  • Precise 90-degree break for consistent initial and follow-up shots
  • Durable stainless steel trigger body with aluminum safety blade
  • Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Gold, and Red finish!


  • Material: Stainless Steel Body with Aluminum Safety
  • Finish: Anodized


  • All standard SIG SAUER P365 variants
  • Works with most aftermarket grip modules


  • 1x Tyrant CNC SIG Sauer P365 IntelliFire Trigger
  • 1x Allen Key


Transform your SIG SAUER P365 with the innovative Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 IntelliFire Trigger, a leap forward in firearm customization designed for discerning carriers who prioritize safety, precision, and performance.

Engineered for Excellence

Crafted from robust 12L14 steel and complemented by lightweight 6061 aluminum safety blades, the IntelliFire Trigger is designed to endure, promising reliability and peak performance. Its stainless steel, heat-treated internal spring guarantees lasting functionality, ensuring this trigger system remains a steadfast component of your P365.

Innovative Safety

The IntelliFire introduces an innovative safety feature to the world of firearms with its dual safety blade system, meticulously engineered for the Sig Sauer P365. This advanced, patent-pending design prioritizes operational safety without hindering quick access or usability, establishing a new benchmark in trigger safety technology.

Precision and Control

Imagine a realm where your every shot is poetry—a symphony of control and accuracy. The IntelliFire Trigger grants you that power. With a 30% reduction in pre-travel, your finger dances effortlessly, unleashing quicker, smoother shots. Its hybrid design—a flat face merging seamlessly into a gentle curve—creates an interface that feels like an extension of your will. The result? A crisp, 90-degree break with each pull, tightening shot groupings and elevating your prowess.

Upgrade to the Tyrant CNC Sig Sauer P365 IntelliFire Trigger and feel the difference in every shot.

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