• 6-position adjustment
  • Comes with ST-T3 Heavy buffer
  • Mil-Spec extension diameter
  • Carbine length
  • Self-aligns with the buffer detent
  • Laser engraved positions
  • Extended length, longer than the AR-15 version buffer tube - increased length of pull


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Finish: Type III Class 2 Hardcoat Anodize
  • Length: 7 7/8"


  • AR-10


  • 1x Spike's Tactical 6-Position Extended .308 Tube
  • 1x Latch Plate
  • 1x Castle Nut
  • 1x Spike's Tactical .308 Buffer Spring
  • 1x ST-T3 Heavy Buffer


Every gun owner has his favorite components. You’re ready to build your perfect field rifle. You know you want a .308, you pick a receiver set you love, you choose the lower parts kit that has the quality parts you know you need. It’s all coming together, you’ve even got a stock you know you’re going to love, but something’s missing. To finish your lower you have to tie it all together. Literally. You need an AR-10 buffer tube kit. Spikes Tactical AR-10 Carbine Buffer Tube kit is the missing link in your complete lower.

It’s All Here in One Package

The Spike’s Tactical .308 Carbine Buffer Tube Kit includes Spikes 6 position Extended .308 Buffer Tube, an ST-3 Heavy Buffer, and one of Spikes quality 17-7 Stainless buffer springs as well as a latch plate and castle nut. Add this .308 buffer tube kit to your chosen receiver set, lower parts kit and stock and you’ll pull it all together into a high-quality lower you can be proud of.

Quality Materials and Finishes

Every piece of Spike’s AR-10 Buffer Tube Kit is a quality American made component. Spike’s Buffer Spring is crafted from 17-7 Stainless Spring Steel and passivated to give it a smooth finish that allows it to operate flawlessly for much longer than lesser quality springs. The ST-3 Heavy Buffer is a maintenance free aluminum billet case weighted with crushed tungsten and given a hard-anodized finish for durability that will last cycle after cycle. The heart of Spikes .308 Buffer Tube Kit is the Spikes 6 Position Buffer Tube. It's hard anodized aluminum so it’s lightweight, strong and will stand up to anything you can dish out. Spike’s Castle nut and latch plate are made of high carbon Chromoly and phosphate coated for long life.

Spike’s Won't Let You Down

Spike’s Tactical stands behind every product they sell. They’re proud to bring you quality American made components at prices that won’t take food off your table. When you choose Spikes .308 Carbine Buffer Tube Kit you’ll receive quality parts at a great value.

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