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Spike's Tactical was founded September 10th, 2001 with the intent of manufacturing the best quality firearm products at the best price point possible. No matter whether the consumer is simply a gun enthusiast, a competitive 3-gun shooter, a member of the law enforcement community or one of our nation’s guardians, they have pledged to provide them rifles and components that will serve them well.

Spikes Tactical supplies AR components from buffer tubes to barrels, from trigger guards to muzzle brakes, everything Spike’s produces is made in America from American materials and priced to be competitive. Spikes Tactical even offers specialty items that are hard to find or don’t exist elsewhere. Armorers who have issues with timing a muzzle device will embrace Spike’s Mule Device Alignment Set and gas tuners will love the quality of Spike’s Melonited Gas Tubes. Spike has something for every shooter.

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Spikes Tactical Quality

Spikes Tactical pledges to only use the best quality American made materials in their manufacturing processes. As shooters themselves, they won’t accept inferior products and they don’t expect their customers to either. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance at Spikes Tactical. At Spike’s, quality control is a part of every step of the process, involving every team member from the guy at the loading dock to the people who package finished products for shipping.

The Spike’s Tactical family is passionate about what they do and want to show every one of their customers their appreciation for helping them earn a living from what they love. Whether the customer needs a lightweight bolt carrier group or a gas block for tuning a competition rifle, Spike’s promises that when they use a Spike’s Tactical product they will receive the best quality and value possible and customer service to match.