MPN: IC-TIBD-308 / IC-TIC4-308 / IC-TICH-308 / IC-TIRW-308


  • 45 percent lighter than Mil-Spec firing pin
  • Designed for use with SR25, DPMS
  • Faster follow-up shots
  • Harder and stronger than standard firing pin
  • Iron City Rifle Works coating makes cleaning fast and easy


  • Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 0.18 oz.
  • Finish: Raw Titanium, C4V (TiN), Copperhead (Rose Gold), or BlackDiamond (DLC)


  • SR25 and DPMS Gen I pattern LR308 rifles

*Not compatible with high-pressure bolt


Iron City Rifle Works manufactures many titanium competition-grade components for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. The AR-10 titanium firing pin is one of Iron City’s most popular elite upgrades if you are a serious AR-10 competition shooter. These titanium firing pins top of the line from one of the most well-respected and top-rated companies on the market.

Why Iron City Rifle Works AR-10 Titanium Firing Pins are Just Better

A huge upgrade from stainless-steel firing pins, the Iron City Rifle Works AR-10 titanium firing pins are harder and stronger than traditional mil-spec. They are 45% lighter and manufactured with a C4V coating that makes them extremely smooth and very easy to clean. The C4V coating is a major improvement over mil-spec because it has a friction coefficient of just 0.4 and is only 2 microns thick making the AR-10 firing pins extremely wear-resistant. Iron City Rifle Works titanium firing pins are simply one of the best options on the market

Upgrade Your AR-10 and Improve Your Functionality

The AR-10 firing pins not only last longer but because it is so smooth it stays cleaner and reduces the need for frequent cleaning. This firing pin also allows for faster double taps and is designed for use with SR25/DMPS, meaning you can put more rounds down range quickly with less cleaning. If you are a shooter who loves aesthetically pleasing firearms, Iron City firing pins come in diamond black finish (DLC), C4V (TiN), and raw titanium finish so you can match it with your beautiful Iron City bolt carrier groups. These firing pins are the ultimate upgrade to enhance the performance of your AR-10 system.

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