• Low profile design fits inside most of the handguard
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: 4140 Chromoly Steel
  • Finish: Phosphate
  • Weight: 1.8 oz.
  • Length: 1"
  • Width: 0.9"
  • Height:
    • Set-Screw: 1.38"
    • Clamp-On: 1.48"


  • AR-15 and AR-10 barrel that has a .750" diameter at the gas port area


  • 1x Phase 5 Low-Profile Gas Block
  • 2x Set Screws

*Gas tube roll pin is not included


Dominate your competition with the durable, lightweight Phase 5 gas block. This low-profile gas block is designed to fit beneath the handguards of free-floating barrels. Improve your accuracy and precision. Give yourself and your rifle the performance upgrade you both deserve with the Phase 5 Low-Profile Gas Block.

How Does The Phase 5 Low-Profile Gas Block Improve Performance?

The Phase 5 gas block is a low-profile gas block that can be installed beneath your handguards. This allows you to extend your handguards beyond the gas block, which gives you a longer sight radius. A longer sight radius increases your ability to observe and eliminate deviations that occur naturally while sighting your target, which allows for more accurate shots and significantly tighter groupings.

Durable And Lightweight

This low-profile gas block is among the sturdiest and most reliable gas blocks on the market today. The uniformed hardness and high strength of the alloy steel greatly improves its overall durability, increasing reliability and dependability in the field or on the range. Unlike commonly machined gas blocks, the innovative window cuts in the gas block reduce its weight without compromising the integrity afforded by its faceted shape. Set your mind at ease with this low-profile gas block. Improve your accuracy. Enhance your performance.

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