MPN: 21-067-05028-006 / 21-067-05028-011 / 21-067-05028-012


  • Light weight
  • Water tight storage compartment for small items
  • Rubber overmolding to enhances grip even when it's wet


  • Material: Polymer with Rubber Overmolding
  • Finish: Black, Tornado Grey, and Mil-Spec+ Brown
  • Length: 2"
  • Height: 4.5"
  • Width: 1.38"
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.


  • All 1913 Picatinny rails


  • 1x Daniel Defense Vertical Grip (Picatinny)
  • 1x Storage Compartment Cap


For a vertical foregrip that’s designed to enhance the shooting experience of those who are often out in elements, this Daniel Defense vertical grip is just what you need.

Enhanced Grip, Wet Or Dry - Daniel Defense Vertical Grip

Vertical foregrips are useful in assisting the shooter in maintaining firm shoulder contact when aiming and firing a rifle. The mid-point support that a vertical grip provides can improve shooting accuracy and muzzle control, leading to easier follow-up shots and decreasing the chance of missed shots.

As someone who is consistently out in the field, you will understand the benefits of as much storage space on your rifle as reasonably possible. For your optics and other battery-powered accessories, those spare batteries can feel like a real lifesaver at times. This Daniel Defense vertical grip includes a dual o-ring watertight storage compartment to protect small, delicate items from dampness.

The rubber overmolding on this grip enables you to grasp it securely even when wet. The grip is lightweight and mounts securely on your AR for the support you need when firing your rifle. Designed to fit on Mil-Spec 1913 picatinny rails, this vertical foregrip by Daniel Defense will give you the extra leverage you need when the stakes are high.

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Reviews (7)

  • Excellent quality and an unbeatable price

    Posted by Jorge Rosello on 26th Oct 2020

    This was definitely a great purchase. I had tried some vertical and other grips and so far the Daniel Defense vertical foregrip did the trick for me. Is super light and comfortable in the hand. The rubber texture is a huge advantage for gripping. Will say it has help me a lot on rifle handling and accuracy. Will recommend to all.

  • DD Enhanced VFG

    Posted by Ryan on 22nd Jul 2019

    Solid VFG, well made, feels sturdy in the hand and has a strong attachment point. The only complaint I have is that there’s a bit of a gap between the textured part of the grip and the polymer surround where dirt and grime accumulates but if you don’t mind that then it’s no issue.

  • Great Product

    Posted by A on 28th Jul 2018

    Feels very sturdy, well made, & textured pads are a nice touch.

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