• Unique patented “Anti-Rattle” mechanism
  • Sleek new design with no protruding parts, will not get caught on gear and webbing
  • Unique new slick and quick operated inversed positioning lever
  • Integral ribbed rubber butt pad with a non-slip design
  • Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides
  • Watertight battery storage for two CR123A 3V lithium batteries / AA 1.5v
  • Fits both Mil-Spec and Commercial tubes


  • Material: Reinforced Polymer Body with Rubber Butt Pad
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 10.72 oz.
  • Width: 1.7"
  • Height: 5.1"
  • Length: 7.1"


  • Both Mil-Spec and commercial carbine tubes


Every AR-15 owner, whether they use their weapon for profession or pleasure, knows that minimizing recoil is the key to accuracy and quick follow-up shots. That's why FAB Defense has designed their Shock Absorbing Stock (GL-Shock) to soften the kick of your AR-15 platform weapon. This stock performs exceptionally well if you shoot one of the calibers with a heavier recoil. Although, the FAB Defense GL-Shock will work on any gun that will accept an M-4 or AR-15 stock. This fully adjustable stock features an inverse positioned lever that provides smooth, fast deployment. It's designed to fit either Mil-Spec or Commercial receiver extensions, it locks in solid and works to diminish felt recoil.

What Makes The FAB Defense GL-Shock Better Than Others

This revolutionary buttstock is loaded with features: a silicon-chrome alloy spring to absorb shock and a proprietary anti-rattle device. The streamlined design ensures that your clothing and gear won't have any place to snag. The stock even has quick-detach sling swivel connectors on both sides! A watertight storage compartment provides a place to store two CR123A or AA batteries. The GL-Shock Stock is constructed from a tough, reinforced polymer that will give you reliable service for a long time to come. The rear of the FAB Defense GL-Shock comes to you wearing a thick rubber buttpad like many do. However, FAB Defense designed this buttpad to be replaceable and interchangeable. They offer four options for the buttpad on their GL-Shock Stock. In addition to the standard version that comes with the stock, you can get an assault model, a sniper model, and even a buttpad with a monopod.

GL-Shock Stock Is Customizable

Right out of the box the FAB Defense GL-Shock presents a thicker profile due to its convenient battery storage compartments. This gives you a more stable anchor base for your weapon. However, the unique, patented, one-of-a-kind GL-Shock Stock takes this one step further. As an option, you can get an adjustable cheek riser that quickly attaches to the stock. When you go this route you can custom fit the stock to your body. That means you get a solid cheek weld, a steady hold, and very accurate shot placement.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable and functional stock for your AR-15!

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Reviews (1)

  • Really good stuff!

    Posted by Abs on 30th Jun 2017

    I bought this to take the edge off a 458 SOCOM build, and it does the job. The stock material is fantastically durable, looks good, and will look good after plenty of wear (I have the non-shock version on my rifle and it still looks new). I think it's a good looking stock and easy to activate the adjustment mechanism with one hand. The two call-outs I have are... 1) Despite having an anti-rattle mechanism, there is still some play between the stock and the buffer tube (Spikes Tactical mil-spec tube). It's not horrible, but it bugs me so I will probably develop a solution for it at some point, but it doesn't make much in the way of noise,and it does not functionally create any problems. As I understand, it's still better than a lot of other adjustable stocks. 2) This is not necessarily the stock... Now that I have installed it, it doesn't want to come off the buffer tube. I can't get the position pin to pull out enough to slide off the tube (at least by just using my fingers, I have to get in there and pry it into position for removal). But it installed without a hitch, it adjusts perfectly smoothly, but it just takes a little extra work to remove (this is not a problem on the other (non-shock) install I have). It may not be the stock, but rather the buffer tube. I love this stock.

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