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FAB Defense

Since its birth in 1961, FAB Defense has manufactured tactical equipment that is second to none in their industry. The FAB Defense research and development department uses the feedback and needs of the world’s best special forces and SWAT teams as the basis for designs that solve real in-the-field problems of the tactical operator and enhance his abilities without unnecessary frills. FAB Defense is the supplier of choice for the Israeli military and police forces. Through the Mako Group, they bring the same quality tactical products to American soil.

Five decades of experience designing and manufacturing tactical weapons accessories give FAB Defense an advantage over the competition that can’t be matched. Fab defense products are field tested and battle proven by the world’s most elite fighting forces in the most challenging conditions on the planet. There is no better way to improve the design of a tactical accessory than to send it to battle.

FAB Defense stock

One look at a FAB Defense stock will show that no one makes better use of state of the art manufacturing technology than FAB. Whichever FAB Defense stock you choose you will find superior ergonomic design, materials that are engineered for battle and features that make the warrior who carries it more deadly.

FAB Defense and the Mako Group bring Israel’s best tactical technology to the American market. No one does more testing or has more practical field exposure than FAB Defense. They provide all of their customers, from Law Enforcement and Military groups to the private citizen, an edge that ensures that they are battle-ready, prepared to defend their nations and their homes.