• Skeletonized, stand alone, full-featured angled foregrip
  • Pre-machined paracord wrap grooves
  • Perfect compliment to the look and feel of the F1 pistol grip
  • Integrating three QD sling swivel points
  • Large forward barrier support
  • Angled rear tang for pulling back against support bars
  • Aggressive bottom teeth for over barrier support
  • Available in pre-wrapped or no paracord


  • Material: Aluminum body
  • Length: 4.147"
  • Height: 1.769"
  • Width: 0.909"
  • Wight:
    • No Paracord: 2.19 oz.
    • With Paracord: 2.33 oz.


  • All M-LOK systems


  • 1x F-1 Firearms M-LOK Skeletonized Angled Foregrip
  • 2x T-Nuts
  • 2x Bolts


Attaching a foregrip to a weapon has been done to death for over a century. Some grips have storage, swivels, and even a bipod hanging off of them. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find one with a GPS tracker. But you don't need all of that. All that you need is a place hang onto and control your weapon. F-1 gives you everything you could want in their M-LOK foregrip.

It's Light As Air And Tough As Nails.

Don't be fooled because the F1 skeletonized angled foregrip weighs only a couple of ounces. The M-LOK system securing this foregrip is the strongest one available. When you wrap your paw around this M-LOK foregrip, you understand what " gun control" means. You will positively control your gun, driving the muzzle to the next target. Plus, to help you hang onto your gun, F-1 designed three QD swivel points into this aggressive angled foregrip. No doubt, the F1 skeletonized angled foregrip won't let go until you do.

Why The F1 Skeletonized Angled Foregrip

At first glance, you wouldn't think an M-LOK foregrip would be good for anything except to hang onto. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, the shape of the angled foregrip must work ergonomically with your hand. Next, in real life, you will have to fire over and around obstacles. To make this happen, the forward and underside surfaces of the F1 skeletonized angled foregrip are unique. The F1 AFG wears some aggressive, nasty teeth where it will do the most good. You get an effective barricade stop that works from the front, rear, or over the top. Plus, even without gloves, this AFG is comfortable to handle.

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