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In the highly competitive world of weapons manufacturing, F-1 Firearms brings a new business model to the table. They passed up the high-volume, easy money made with ordinary replacement gun parts. Mundane parts are easily made and picked up everywhere. F-1 Firearms instead chose to create superb products that you can find here. Now you can have a near-custom rifle with just the click of your mouse.

F1-Firearms Custom AR15

Technology Squared

F-1 came to life in Texas in 2012, choosing the heart of our country as a home. While many manufacturers can throw together a crew and a few machines. F-1 took things to the next level. Inside F-1, there is an elite staff driving state-of-the-art equipment. In-house machine work, assembly, quality control, and testing combine to create some of the finest rifles commercially available. The technical prowess of F-1 drives them to make the best firearms and parts in the industry. This drive gives F-1 the competitive edge to stand above their competition.

It's Not For Show

Yes, these weapons do turn heads. However, that's only a byproduct of their advanced engineering and design. The skeletonized AR-15 parts produced by F-1 Firearms have nearly become a trademark for the company. The use of premium materials and cutting-edge technology enables F-1 to create a special breed of AR. While the parts are cosmetically striking, they are engineered to be as light and strong as possible. Of course, that means little if the weapons won't perform.

Walk The Walk

Whether you want a contoured handguard, skeletonized AR-15 parts, or a complete rifle, F-1 is the go-to manufacturer. Additionally, this Texas company stands behind every part they make with a 100-percent product warranty. This policy is not given to their products. It is earned. If you've ever been to Texas, you know there's a special breed of American living there. The people that are F-1 take personal pride in the products they ship. This bunch isn't boastful. Delivering a dependable, accurate rifle that you are proud to own is boast enough.