• Through Drilled for weight reduction
  • Mil-Spec .250" dimension
  • Pocketed design


  • Material: U.S.A. Certified 4140 Steel
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Weight: 0.38 oz. (both pins combined)


  • 1x 2A Armament Lightweight Steel Takedown Pin
  • 1x 2A Armament Lightweight Steel Pivot Pin


  • AR-15


When you’re building your own custom AR it’s important that everything, right down to the last spring, is just as it should be. AR-15 takedown pins are no exception. 2A Armament’s AR-15 Steel Takedown Pin Set is machined through, just like their popular titanium takedown pins, but they’re made from 4140 steel and given a black oxide finish that will match your Mil-Spec black receiver for a flawless premium look.

Whether you’re working on a lightweight build and you’re shaving off every fraction of an ounce you can, or you just prefer black steel to the brightness of raw titanium AR-15 takedown pins, 2A Armament has created these reduced-mass takedown pins that will take the furrow out of your brow. While these pins only weigh a grand total of 0.38 oz., they offer the strength and reliability of steel. The classic black finish and reduced mass are all rolled into one small package that will add the finishing touch to your competition or personal field rifle. When you use 2A Armament’s AR-15 Steel Takedown Pin Set you’ll get a lightweight pin with the classic strength and good looks of steel, there’s no need to compromise.

The craftsmen of 2A Armament put the same care into these simple pins that all of their larger components receive. From design to the final finish, 2A Armament manufactures their products from the finest quality materials available in their home state of Idaho. American attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and ingenuity. Who knew a simple pin set could make you feel so good about the rifle you’ve built?

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