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2A Armament Products

2A Armament Committed To Exceptional Craftsmanship and Quality

2A Armament is a company committed to making a difference in the firearms community by creating products of exceptional quality and workmanship. The results are an unparalleled fit and finish of all firearms and firearms products. Product reviews for 2A Armament say it all. Order today and see for yourself the high quality and superior workmanship of these products.

Among the many products designed and created by 2A are the BALIOS-Lite receivers. These receivers are designed to save weight. At the same time, these receivers maintain a solid platform on which to build. Both the upper and lower BALIOS-Lite receivers are fully compatible with Mil-Spec products from other manufacturers.

2A Armament Products

2A has also manufactured KeyMod and M-LOK rail systems. Both rails systems are made from 6061 extrusion alumimum with a titanium foundation for strength and light weight. The rail systems feature the same lightning bolt cuts as those found on the BALIOS-Lite receivers. When combined, the rail and the receiver mesh together perfectly to achieve a seamless look across the top of the firearm. For those looking to save even more weight, 2A Armament offers numerous high quality ultra-lightweight titanium parts such as the T3 Titanium Compensator, Titanium Takedown and Pivot Pin Set and Ultra-Lite Titanium Gas Block.

If you’re looking to get better control of the recoil of your more powerful firearms, 2A Armament parts are available to help you with that, too. We’ve got an impressive variety of high-quality muzzle brakes like the X4 Titanium Muzzle Brake (7.62/.30 cal). Like many of our quality 2A Armament AR-15 parts and other 2A Armament parts, these muzzle breaks are made from lightweight U.S.A. certified titanium. They reduce muzzle rise and recoil in large bore rifles like the 7.62mm or .308, improving accuracy and reducing the time it takes you to recover and line up the next shot.

If you’ve been finding yourself bracing extra hard as you fire, anticipating that big kick, or you’ve been frustrated by your speed in reacquiring the target due to muzzle flash or rotation, the X4 Titanium Muzzle Brake can solve all your problems.

Made in the U.S.A with Pride

Keeping with the commitment we have to American-made products, these 2A Armament parts are made with pride in Boise, Idaho. If you’re in the market for high-quality, American-made, affordable firearm parts and accessories, you’ll want to take a look at 2A Armament AR-15 parts and other 2A Armament parts and join the legion of gun enthusiasts who swear by our products.

2A Armament believes that you will understand the passion behind the company’s work when you experience the high-quality of a 2A product. The company invites you to come along for the ride as it continues to improve and expand upon the knowledge gained over many years of serving the public.