• Unique finger rests area
  • Eliminates gap between the pistol grip and trigger guard
  • Deeper angle that gives the shooter more room when wearing gloves


  • Straight
    • Material: Polymer
    • Weight: 0.15 oz.
    • Width: 0.616"
  • Right Side
    • Material: Polymer
    • Weight: 0.2 oz.
    • Width: 0.975"

*The Strike Industries Cobra Series Trigger Guard sold in packages of two. (Includes both straight and right trigger guard)


  • 1x Straight trigger guard
  • 1x Right side finger rests trigger guard
  • 2x Roll pins
  • 2x Set screws


The Strike Industries Cobra Trigger Guard is specifically designed to eliminate the gap between the pistol grip of your AR-15 and the trigger guard itself. The deep angle of this guard makes it ideal for those who regularly shoot while wearing gloves or those with large hands. Those who use their ARs in cold weather will appreciate the ability to keep their hands warm while operating in the field.

The kit includes two trigger guards: a straight guard and a right-side finger rest guard. The finger rest of the latter trigger guard enables the user a convenient location to rest their trigger finger without needing to make contact with the trigger itself. Roll pins and set screws are also included for a trouble-free installation.

The Strike Industries Cobra Series Trigger Guard comes in: Black and Flat Dark Earth.

About Strike Industries:

Strike Industries is continuously designing products to help make life with an AR-15 simpler and more enjoyable for the owner. Since its founding in 2011, Strike Industries has been committed to releasing product designs that actually improve the quality of the user’s shooting experience. All products are thoroughly tested to ensure their functionality before they are released for purchase. When you purchase a Strike product, you can be certain that you’ve made a good choice of manufacturer.

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