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At Wing Tactical, we only sell handgun and rifle parts manufactured by the most reputable brands in the firearm industry. Strike Industries is one of the companies you can count on for parts. More specifically, you can rely on them for their Strike Industries AR-15 parts that will put you in a position to use your AR rifle to its full potential. Strike Industries parts will also allow you to personalize your shooting experiences once you start using them to build or upgrade a rifle.

Strike Industries banner with a person holding a rifle

Why You Can Trust Strike Industries for AR-15 Parts

Strike Industries is far from the only company that specializes in selling AR-15 parts and accessories. But since the brand was founded back in 2011, they’ve made an incredibly strong commitment to producing some of the best firearm parts in the business. All Strike Industries parts are designed by a team of active shooters who want to produce high-quality parts that will check all the right boxes for gun owners. To make this possible, they put their parts through painstaking testing processes and manufacture a whole bunch of different parts for the AR platform.

Strike Industries Black AR-15 Upper Parts Kit

Upper and Lower Parts Kits

Are you working on building an AR-15 from scratch? This is one of the many areas in which Strike Industries AR-15 parts will have you covered. Strike produces both upper and lower parts kits that can be used to either build new firearms or make repairs to existing ones. The Strike Industries Black AR-15 Upper Parts Kit and the Strike Industries Enhanced AR-15 Builders Lower Parts Kit are both great options.

Strike Industries Polymer Pit Stock


In addition to investing in upper and lower parts kits for an AR-15, you’ll also need to pick out the stock you want to incorporate into the mix. Strike Industries AR-15 parts include many options for those in the market for stocks, such as the Strike Industries Polymer Pit Stock.

Strike Industries 5.56/.223 Cookie Cutter Compensator

Muzzle Devices

The AR-15 is one of the most popular sporting rifles in the country, so if you’re going to use one regularly, you may want to outfit it with muzzle devices like the Strike Industries 5.56/.223 Cookie Cutter Compensator. You’ll be able to take better control of your AR-15 and avoid dealing with too much recoil and muzzle rise when you order one of these Strike Industries AR-15 parts to combat them.

Wing Tactical: A Proud Supplier of Firearms Parts

Wing Tactical set up shop a few short years after Strike Industries did, and ever since then, we’ve been providing active-duty military personnel, first responders, competition shooters, and civilian gun enthusiasts with the best handgun and rifle parts and accessories around. We’ve been able to do it in large part thanks to our partnerships with brands like Strike Industries.

At Wing Tactical, we understand why it’s so essential for you to only use high-quality parts in your AR-15 as well as your other firearms. For this reason, we only sell Strike Industries AR-15 parts and other parts we’ve tested ourselves. If we wouldn’t use something on our builds, we won’t offer it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Strike Industries different from other companies?

Strike Industries sells AR-15 parts as well as parts for other types of firearms. What sets the brand apart is that it employs gun enthusiasts who know what AR owners are looking for in parts. It gives them a competitive advantage over similar companies.

How many Strike Industries parts are available?

Strike Industries makes just about every part that you’ll need to build an AR-15 from start to finish. They also make just about every part that you might need for any other type of firearm. If you’re shopping for a specific part from Strike Industries, you should be able to find it somewhere here on the Wing Tactical.

Which other firearms does Strike Industries make parts for?

Besides selling their fair share of parts, Strike Industries also makes parts for many other firearms, including the AK, HK, Glock, 1911, and Springfield XD/XDM platforms. Strike also creates gear and accessories for many of these firearms.

When does Strike Industries introduce new parts?

Strike Industries has already provided the firearm industry with so many exciting parts for the AR platform and other firearms. But the company is constantly innovating and coming up with new parts for the AR-15 as well as the other guns that it makes parts for. Keep an eye and ear out for these new parts moving forward.