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Strike Industries was founded in 2011 and is operated by a team of passionate AR15 and pistol shooters. While there are a wide variety of firearms products, accessories, and common accessories out there, Strike feels that there are still some areas that have yet to be explored. Because the AR platform is extremely versatile, there is virtually no end to the options and designs that can be created with this popular firearm.

When you choose Strike Industries for AR parts, you get the chance to create the shooting experience you want. And what could be better than a personalized firearms experience made possible by an industry leader like Strike Industries?


All Strike Industries' Products are Designed with The Shooter's Needs In Mind

All products at Strike Industries are designed by active shooters who understand the needs of the everyday firearms operator. Because these products are made with the shooter’s needs in mind, you can rest assured that they will perform at the very highest level when out in the field. Strike has pledged to never manufacture a product that the designers themselves would not personally use. The same goes for Wing Tactical — we only offer firearms, and strike industries AR-15 parts, that we would use ourselves. You can always count on quality and performance when you shop Strike Industries AR parts at Wing Tactical.

Strike Industries can also provide almost everything you need to build an AR from scratch. If you’re anything like many of our customers, you take great joy in understanding the inner workings of a firearm, and you take pride in being able to build, construct and deconstruct an AR-15, ensuring that it’s performing at its highest potential.

At Wing Tactical, we provide the Strike Industries AR parts and other components you need to enjoy firearms and shooting to the fullest extent. From handguards to muzzle devices to stocks, you’re sure to find the piece you want. Strike also manufactures parts for the AK, HK, Glock, 1911 and Springfield XD/XDM platforms as well as gear and accessories. You won’t find a larger, more versatile selection of Strike Industries AR-15 parts and components for other firearms than what you’ll find at Wing Tactical. This selection includes popular items like the Viper Stock, Charging Handle, Dust Cover, Foregrip, Forward Assist and much more.

Why Strike Industries?

The CEO of Strike Industries is Navy veteran Garrett Keller. As a result of his military experience, Keller has real-world knowledge of small arms and tactical application. Keller is fully committed to making Strike Industries the very best that it can be. The company owes its success since 2011 to loyal customers and end-users and continues to provide top-quality products at an affordable price to this day. As the company motto states: “Strike hard. Strike fast. STRIKE INDUSTRIES!”

At Wing Tactical, we strive to ensure you get what you want when shopping for Strike Industries AR Parts. That’s why we offer a full refund on returns made within 30 days. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional customer service, quality merchandise and long-term value that helps you make the most of your investment in Strike Industries AR-15 parts or other components. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you need expert guidance in navigating our selection, we’re here to help. Contact us today for assistance with Strike Industries AR parts and all of your other firearm needs.