Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever (EBAL)

Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever (EBAL)

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  • Compatible with the Redi-Mag and the KNS Gen 2 and Gen 2 Mod 2 Non-Rotating Trigger/Hammer Pins.
  • Wide Receiver Relief design allows the EBAL to fit 99.9% of all lower receivers.
  • The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever is precision cast and is then coated with an incredibly durable, non-reflective matte Cerakote finish.
  • Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth

**Flat Dark Earth color is matched to the Magpul product line to provide a seamless color match between parts.


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Cerakote
  • Weight: 0.3 oz.


  • Standard Mil-Spec forged AR-15 receivers

NOT compatible with the FNH SCAR, S&W MP15-22, S&W MP15 Magpul Edition, Ruger SR-762, Sig 716 weapons; and may not be compatible with some 7.62 / .308 models.


  • 1x Enhanced Battery Assist Lever
  • 1x Set Screw
  • 2x Mounting Screws
  • 1x Mounting Back Plate


The Enhanced Battery Assist Lever (EBAL) is Tactical Link's answer to the B.A.D. Lever. The EBAL allows you to release the bolt from the open position as well as lock the bolt back with just a nudge from your trigger finger. Manipulating the bolt and clearing malfunctions will be quicker than ever with the EBAL on your rifle, saving you crucial seconds in a tactical situation.

The EBAL is broad enough to function with gloved hands but thin enough to avoid interfering with the trigger finger when firing. You can install the EBAL onto your current MIL-SPEC AR-15 bolt release. You don't have to disassemble the weapon or make any permanent modifications; it simply attaches to the bolt release paddle with three screws.

Tactical Link EBAL: When Every Second Counts

Whether you’re immersed in a tactical situation or just spending an afternoon at the range, maximizing efficiency is the key to maintaining speed, concentration, and accuracy. The EBAL by Tactical Link is an easy and highly affordable upgrade that provides a noticeable difference in efficiency while releasing and locking the bolt.

With the countless hours you’ve spent at the range developing your skillset, can you really afford to let a malfunction slow you down? With the EBAL installed on your AR, you can clear malfunctions in a fraction of the time, giving you precious seconds to fire rounds and earn the advantage.

Highly Effective, Highly Affordable

While many AR-15 performance upgrades cost hundreds of dollars to purchase and even more to implement, the Tactical Link EBAL is closer in price to a purchasing an AR-15 magazine, and is very easy to install. When it comes to low-cost AR-15 upgrades that have a high impact on your performance and efficiency, the team at Wing Tactical cannot recommend the Enhanced Battery Assist Lever enough.

Have Questions? Contact Us Today!

At Wing Tactical, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we offer. If you need help deciding if the EBAL is right for you, contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you!

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72 Reviews

  • ARs should automatically come with this

    Posted by Jesse on 16th May 2016

    The best thing I can say about the EBAL is that it just 'Makes sense.' After hitting the mag release, your finger is already poised to hit this. Hugely convenient.

  • Amazing Product! Every AR-15 Should Have One!

    Posted by D.Z.S. on 2nd May 2016

    As a left-handed shooter, I have in the past had to blindly fiddle and reach with my left hand to attempt to lock and release the bolt while pulling the charging handle with my right hand. It was awkward and inefficient, to say the least. With the EBAL, I can safely conduct quick mag changes (as a leftie) and a right-handed shooter can still use the gun using the normal manual of arms. A great ambidextrous feature every AR-15 should have.

  • great product

    Posted by Don133 on 28th Apr 2016

    Tried this on my AR 15 the other day and was greatly satisfied with its performance. The EBAL was easy to install and does not hinder trigger pull or wiggle at all. It made releasing the bolt easy and fast. Looking for another one in FDE for my new build.

  • nice!

    Posted by Kris on 25th Apr 2016

    Shipping and ease of ordering were both on point, the ebal is a force multiplier, it fits great and works even better. Installing was easy!! Get one!


    Posted by PJD on 15th Apr 2016

    By FAR, these are the best levers on the market, hard to get (because they are so good) and not only look awesome on your gun, but make life easier on clip changes. Very awesome invention and product.

  • better than magpul bad lever

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2016

    I have this on my spartan billet lower and it fits perfectly were as both the Troy lever and the Magpul lever do not work with billet lowers only forged and the lever feels solid and durable and I'm very please with this product

  • The only BAD lever that fits Sig Sauer without modifications

    Posted by B Wynn on 8th Apr 2016

    Looks great, doesn't interfere with the mag release on The Sig Sauer M400. This is a hard to find part 'this particular brand'. Wing Tactical is the ONLY company that is carrying the EBAL.


    Posted by PJDSR on 4th Apr 2016

    These are the cat's meow. I've been awaiting them for 9 months at the manufacturer's website; they have them here! DO NOT PURCHASE the competition's BAL, you will be disappointed. These are the best there is.

  • Best one on the market!

    Posted by Dan V. on 2nd Apr 2016

    I have this on multiple AR's and wouldn't think of any other brand. I have had Magpul BAD levers and they are correctly named, they are bad! They are loose on the paddle and need a spacer to tighten them up. Even when tight they still move around. The EBAL fits perfectly with zero adjustments needed. You just install it and it's ready to go. With thousands of rounds through the guns not a single EBAL has loosened up or shifted. I have let many other shooters try this out and every one of them has loved it and many have replaced their BAD lever with it. You will not be disappointed with this! It is well worth the money and is very well constructed.
    Pro Tip: Put a small piece of o-ring or some other type of rubber into the locking screw in the center of the paddle. This will keep it locked in and will not mar the face of the paddle.

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