• Lighten your load and improve your ride
  • All machining down before heat treat to insure no warping or dimensional instability
  • Long service life
  • Nickel Boron gas key assembled with quality Belleville washers - no staking required
  • Nickel Boron cam pin and bolt for smooth action
  • Dead Blow Cage at the back of the carrier can hold wave springs and weights (optional) for a tuned recoil experience and increased reliability
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300BLK
  • Weight:
    • Titanium Bolt Carrier Group: 5.96 oz.
    • Tungsten Ball (with wave springs and hardware): 2.15 oz.
    • Brass Ball (with wave springs and hardware): 1.27 oz.
    • Aluminum Ball (with wave springs and hardware): 1.23 oz.
  • Finish:
    • Carrier: Ionbond's Diamond-Like Carbon Coating
    • Bolt, Gas Key, and Cam Pin: Nickel Boron
    • Extractor: Manganese Phosphate
  • Material:
    • Carrier: Grade 5 Titanium (Ti 6Al-4v STA)
    • Bolt: 9310 steel
  • Profile: Lightweight


  • AR-15


  • Nyx Titanium Carrier Group:
    • 1x Titanium Bolt Carrier
    • 1x Nickel Bolt Assembly
    • 1x Gas Key
    • 1x Firing Pin
  • Nyx Titanium Carrier Group with Adjustable Weights:
    • 1x Nyx Titanium Carrier Group
    • 1x Tungsten Ball
    • 1x Brass Ball
    • 1x Aluminum Ball
    • 1x X-Heavy Wave Spring
    • 1x Heavy Wave Spring
    • 2x Medium Wave Spring


When it comes to lightweight builds, there are a ton of components out there to choose from, so you have to sift through a lot of also-rans before you get to the real deal. You want components that are light and perform well at the range, but you also want service life that you can depend on. Who wants to build a rifle just to have one of those high end ultra-expensive lightweight components fail halfway through a competition season. If you really want to play the game you need to consider your build carefully. No one understands that better than Master of Arms and they prove it with their Nyx Titanium Carrier with Nickel Boron Bolt.

The Master of Arms Nyx Carrier is built to be lightweight, but it’s not a compromise, this is a full-featured complete carrier that not only cuts the weight of your system but also dampens recoil with a precision designed and manufactured dead blow system. The bolt carrier group alone weighs in at just 5.96 ounces and when you include the tungsten weight and springs of the dead blow system your total weight will be only 8.11 ounces. Many manufacturers are happy to give you’re the bolt carrier group alone at that weight, with no additional dampening.

MOA designed and manufactured the Nyx Titanium Carrier as a true performer. The carrier is machined from grade 5 titanium that has undergone heat treatment and aging processes before it is processed to assure that there are no dimensional changes or warping after manufacture. All of the coatings used on the BCG components are cutting edge from the Manganese Phosphate coating on the extractor that provides positive purchase on every case rim, every time, to the Ion Bond Diamond-Like Carbon Coating that promises a service life like no other exterior coating we know. You wanted the ultimate complete lightweight carrier group. The Master of Arms Nyx Titanium Carrier is here.

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