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Master of Arms - Designed with Purpose

Master of Arms (formerly known as Next Intent Tactical) is a subsidiary of the high-tech design and manufacturing from Next Intent. Just as its mother company uses the most advanced design and machining techniques to create products to serve the needs of technical industries such as the aerospace industry, Master of Arms uses those same techniques to create superior products for the tactical firearms industry.

Through a commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing Master of Arms has become a premier American manufacturer of tactical accessories for the AR-15 platform. Their industry leading designs include the Nyx Titanium Bolt Carrier Groups, and titanium adjustable gas blocks. 

Master of Arms Products

Master of Arms’s titanium adjustable gas blocks are so artfully crafted that it might be more accurate to describe them as sculpted rather than machined. No other gas blocks on the market are created with the precision of Next Intent’s state of the art processes.

Master of Arms’s Nyx Titanium Bolt Carrier Group are no less artfully crafted. Made from Solution Heat Treated and Aged Grade 5 Titanium, this bolt carrier group will lighten your load and improve your ride. 

Master of Arms doesn’t offer a laundry list of cheap parts and accessories. What they do offer are parts designed and manufactured on the cutting-edge of what modern manufacturing is capable of. Next Intent Tactical promises innovation and razor’s edge precision, and they deliver.