• NiB-X coated - 40% more wear-resistant than chrome, and can be used in the field without lubrication and are easily wiped clean
  • Compatible with all standard AR-15 bolt carrier groups


  • Weight: 0.28 oz.
  • Finish: NiB-X Nickel Boron
  • Material: Steel


  • AR-15


There are a lot of components in the average rifle system that suffer from wear and friction every time a shot is fired. Many of these can benefit from the application of special coatings with properties that allow them to wear longer and function more smoothly than bare metals or those covered with traditional protective coatings. If you’re interested in replacing your old AR15 Firing Pin with a Nickel Boron Firing Pin, one of the best choices on the market is the WMD Guns NiB-X Firing pin and Wing Tactical has one ready to ship to your door.

Why is WMD’s NiB-X Nickel Boron Better?

WMD Guns takes control of their lead-free Nickel Boron process directly from raw materials through the complete coating process. The result is a much harder, more abrasion resistant surface than other manufacturers’ Nickel Boron coatings. In addition to hardness and abrasion resistance, WMD’s NiB-X coating also possesses an inherent self-lubricity that makes it resistant to the build-up of fouling and dirt. That translates to a cleaner, more reliable functioning weapon system than one that uses bare metal components or those with more traditional metal treatments. A quality Nickel Boron Firing Pin like WMD Guns NiB-X AR-15 Firing pin will wear longer and give a longer service life than an uncoated firing pin or one treated with an inferior process.

Wing Tactical and WMD Guns Bringing You Long-Term Quality and Value

When you choose a WMD NiB-X AR15 Firing Pin from Wing Tactical you’re getting a quality firearm component that will deliver a great value. Long service life is something that every shooter can benefit from. Give yourself an edge.

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